Transport and Climate Change Week 2017

Government officials from nations worldwide participated in the TCC week; photo: GIZ.

Government officials from nations worldwide participated in the TCC week; photo: GIZ.

Creating a forum for dialogue, learning and innovation for government officials and transport experts from around the globe was the aim of the first Transport and Climate Change Week (TCC Week). The event was organised on behalf of the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB) in Berlin from 18 to 22 September 2017. This year’s focus was Urban Mobility.

There is a strong relation between transport and climate change: One quarter of energy related emissions stem from transport and from all of the sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, it is transport, which is growing the fastest. The transition towards climate-friendly transport and raising the ambition level to change mobility patterns is a global challenge and requires global action.

For this reason, the idea of the TCC Week was to stimulate North-South, South-South and South-North learning in the field of Sustainable Urban Mobility while sharing lessons learned and best practices from around the globe.

A highlight of the week was the Climate Action in Transport Conference, where 40 international transport experts joined the 60 participants from emerging and developing countries of the TCC-Week. A central part of the conference were presentations held by participating government officials of eleven different countries throughout the week, such as China, Colombia, Namibia and the Philippines.

Participants at a panel discussion on transformation and ambition in the transport sector; photo: GIZ.

A field trip through Berlin, six workshops and three side sessions with internationally renowned transport experts were also part of the week. Experts such as Dr. Dario Hidalgo (World Resources Institute), Dr. Friedemann Kunst (Berlin Senate Department of Urban Development and the Environment, a.D.) or Dr. Jacques Leonardi (University of Westminster) engaged with the participants on topics such as Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, E-Mobility or National Urban Mobility Plans and Projects.

Field trip through Berlin; photo: GIZ

“Meeting global experts and taking a combination of their experience how to solve transportation problems as a model, helps finding traffic solutions applicable for our countries” said Sajeda Al-Nsour, Project Coordinator of the Greater Amman Municipality at the side of the conference.

The TCC Week was organised within the project TRANSfer III - Facilitating the development of ambitious transport mitigation actions. The project is funded under the International Climate Initiative of the BMUB and implemented by the Deutschen Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.