Wind and sun in the grid

Several information boards in a row

Picture: RENAC

This is the first time that a multilingual travelling exhibition on integrating renewable energy and complementary web-based training courses have been developed within the framework of the Federal Environment Ministry's (BMU) International Climate Protection Initiative (IKI). The travelling exhibition consists of 15 coloured banners which clearly explain how electricity grids function. They show how solar and wind energy become part of the electricity supply and how the electricity supply remains secure even when it contains large quantities of renewable energy. Renewables Academy AG (RENAC) is hosting the exhibition free of charge in collaboration with international partners in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Jordan and the Lebanon within the framework of the ReGrid Project funded by ICI, entitled, "Capacity Building on Integration of Large Amounts of Renewable Energy into the Electricity Grids". The exhibition is suitable for use at all types of events and in all types of exhibition space in which information is provided on the future of renewable energy and climate protection. It is available in Arabic, French and English.

RENAC has developed complementary web-based courses on wind and solar energy. These explain the fundamentals behind energy generation from wind, photovoltaic and solar-thermal power plants as well as frequency and voltage maintenance in the electricity grid. More than 400 experts from the energy sectors in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Jordan and the Lebanon have already taken part in the internet courses. Because of the high demand for training on these topics, RENAC will organize an additional Summer School from the 12th until the 13th of August 2013 in its Training Center in Berlin.

The training course material together with information on the free hire of the 15 coloured banners (A0 posters or as roll-up 85 x 220 cm) in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Jordan and the Lebanon can be obtained from RENAC via regrid(at)renac.de or at www.renac.de (external).