Knowing more about green energy 

Developing, introducing and applying renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies needs special know-how. This particularly concerns key individuals in the public and private sectors, such as the staff of ministries, financiers and project developers. Yet in developing countries and emerging economies there is often a lack of such knowledge.
This is precisely where TREE (Transfer Renewable Energy & Efficiency) comes in: it promotes the transfer of knowledge by holding seminars in various regions of the world and in Berlin, providing distance learning courses and publishing guidelines for decision-makers. The latest seminar series of the Renewables Academy AG (RENAC) has started on 30 August 2010. Staff from ministries and multipliers in 57 countries will attend. They will learn all about the technological, economic and legal issues surrounding renewable energies and energy efficiency. This will include which technology is best suited for a particular site, how the policy framework can be shaped most efficiently, which financing mechanisms and incentive systems are best suited, and the key elements of project management. Equipped with this knowledge, participants will be able to create an effective enabling setting for market growth in their home countries. TREE thus helps to build sustainable energy supply systems in the developing world and emerging countries. More than 600 representatives of ministries, companies and financiers have already received training.
The TREE project is supported by the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and is a part of the ministry’s International Climate Initiative. It has been honoured by the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, and is a partner of the European Union’s Sustainable Energy Europe campaign. 
Some places are still available for the current seminar series. Information on schedules and application modalities is available on TREE’s website: www.tree-project.de