Brochure for inauguration of the Waste to Energy Plant in Nashik, India

Like many cities in India, the city of Nashik is also struggling with citywide Solid Waste and Wastewater management. Therefore, there is an urgent need for an integrated approach to solid waste and wastewater management on the one hand and control of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions on the other hand. The Waste to Energy Project in Nashik is one such solution through-processing of septage (faecal sludge) with organic solid waste and generating energy to create a sustainable business model. This project is an attempt to showcase a viable business model for implementation of waste to energy projects through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) and is built on a comprehensive financial and operational model. The plant is planned to treat biodegradable waste and septage generated in the city and generate energy through biogas for feeding it into the Maharashtra power grid.

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