IKI Medium Grants

The IKI Medium Grants funds projects that implemented by German based organisations together with their local partners in ODA (Official Development Assistance) target countries. Project proposal types can include model projects, formats for knowledge sharing and capacity building & expansion in the target countries. The grant will strengthen the capabilities of civil society stakeholders by enabling them to make transformative, bottom-up contributions to the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). A two-stage selection procedure on projects with varying key topics is held on a regular basis.

Implementing organisations based in Germany and involved in international cooperation in climate and biodiversity protection are eligible to apply. Each project can receive a grant of between EUR 300,000 to a maximum of EUR 800,000 over a period of two to three years. Projects can be implemented in a maximum of two countries.

Current selection procedure

The current selection procedure for project outlines started on 12th February 2020. Please note the official funding information (PDF, 925 KB) and the following general conditions.

The selection procedure for IKI Medium Grants is a two-stage process.

For the first stage of the selection procedure, project outlines in German can be submitted until midnight on 12 May 2020, 12 pm (CEST), exclusively via the IKI online platform. Only complete project outlines submitted on time through the online platform will be considered. In the second stage of the procedure, all the implementing organisations with potential project outlines will be  invited to submit a detailed project proposal in writing.

Projects can be funded from the first quarter of 2021 at the earliest. As a rule, project fund extensions from the IKI funding programme is not possible.

General information on the selection procedure

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) regularly selects projects to be funded within the IKI framework by means of idea competitions. Detailed information on funding conditions, selection criteria, project targets and funding priorities can be found in the document entitled “Funding Information on IKI Medium Grants”.

The evaluation of the project outlines and proposals is carried out by Zukunft – Umwelt – Gesellschaft (ZUG) gGmbH on behalf of BMU and under the supervision of relevant experts, if required. Eventually, BMU will select the potential project outlines based on the available budget funds.

Eligible organisations

Funding is provided to civil society organisations (foundations, associations, societies, trade unions),  institutes of state and non-state technical universities, non-university research institutions and think tanks, as well as non-profit enterprises with headquarters and business operations in Germany.

As a rule, implementing organisations, which submit applications, must have been continuously involved in international cooperation in climate and biodiversity protection for at least three years. They must also have a proven capacity to jointly develop and implement projects with the full involvement of implementing partners in the target countries.

IKI Safeguards

The IKI Safeguards System is an important tool to prevent or mitigate damage that could affect persons and/or the environment during the implementation of a project. The IKI Safeguards apply to all IKI funding pillars, without restriction. During the second stage of the selection procedure, applicant organisations must therefore submit an assessment of whether their projects involve relevant risks. In the case of a potential risk, appropriate instruments (e.g. monitoring by indicators, desk study, safeguards planning workshop) for the reduction, monitoring and management of risks must be included in the project proposal. The IKI Safeguards approach ensures that risks are addressed and managed. Here the IKI is oriented on the Safeguards of the Green Climate Fund (GCF, interim IFC Standards) and is also subject to universal guiding principles, such as the observance of human rights.


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