IKI Small Grants

The implementation of the Paris Agreement and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) requires the effective participation of all social groups. With IKI Small Grants the Federal Ministry for Environment (BMU) specifically supports smaller actors.

The programme is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and was established in 2019. It aims to get small-scale climate and biodiversity projects off the ground. At the same time, it intends to substantially strengthen capacities of small organisations and funding institutions in developing and emerging countries. IKI Small Grants has two funding lines:

Within the funding line “international calls” GIZ carries out regular international calls for proposals. In a single-stage selection procedure, small sub-national, national and regional organisations based in an ODA-country can apply directly for a grant to implement local or regional climate and biodiversity projects. During the last call applicants could apply for a grant of up to 100,000 euros. Further, they receive assistance by GIZ in form of capacity development measures.

Within the funding line “funding institutions” GIZ provides financial and technical assistance to regional or national funding institutions based in ODA-countries. Each partner institution receives a grant agreement of around EUR 500,000. The objective is to support suitable institutions in launching and implementing a national or regional call for proposals in the field of climate action and biodiversity conservation.

Current selection process

In the first international call for proposals 38 projects were pre-selected for funding. Grant agreements for the selected projects are currently being prepared.

The second international Call for Proposals will open on 01. December 2020. Detailed information on the funding criteria and priorities will be published in the IKI Small Grants funding information on this website once the application period has started.

General information and selection process

The calls for project proposals, the selection process and the disbursement of funds are handled by GIZ and in accordance with its procedures.

Calls for proposals are carried out on a regular basis. The start of a new call and application period will be announced on this website and via the IKI newsletter.

Applications can only be submitted via the IKI online platform which will be available for access on this website once the new call for proposals has started. Project proposals submitted via other channels, i.e. email, cannot be considered. For each call, the required templates will be provided on this website. We recommend uploading and submitting your application with a reasonable time buffer in order to avoid increased traffic close to the deadline.

After successfully submitting a proposal, applicants will receive a confirmation email with an individual project number. Please reference this project number in all future communication with the IKI Small Grants team.

Once the call is closed, all applications are subjected to a detailed technical and legal-financial evaluation by the GIZ’s IKI Small Grants team. Proposals are selected in mutual agreement with BMU. The project duration should range from six months to two years. In justified cases the project duration may be extended. Detailed information on the funding criteria and priorities will be published in the IKI Small Grants funding information of the respective call.


Applicants must be based and registered in countries that fulfil the criteria for Official Development Assistance (ODA) defined by the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The proposed projects must be non-profit. Projects with a global focus are not eligible. For all upcoming calls, a funding information with detailed eligibility criteria for the selection process will be published on this website in advance.


The IKI Small Grants safeguard system is a tool to avoid or mitigate harm to people and the environment during the implementation of a project. Applicants have to assess whether the implementation of a project carries the risk to cause negative impacts.

Standard indicators

The IKI Small Grants standard indicators are an important tool for overall project monitoring but are not part of the project application process. The standard indicators will be determined together with the selected project applicants before the signing of the grant agreement.

Support for funding institutions

The funding line “funding institutions” initiates small-scale projects in recipient countries together with selected national or regional funding institutions. The GIZ’s IKI Small Grants team advises and supports the funding institutions in setting up and implementing national calls for proposals. Each partner institutions receive a grant agreement of approximately 500,000 euros to cover their own administrative costs and to be able to support the selected small-scale projects.


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