Project extension grants

Expression of interest for additional grant

In exceptional duly justified cases, ongoing IKI-projects have an opportunity to request for additional project extension grant.

This requires the project implementing organisations to get in contact with the IKI Secretariat at an early stage of the project implementation before project duration expires. Informal project proposals for additional grant should be submitted to the responsible project contact person via e-mail and copying the IKI Secretariat (iki-secretariat(at) by 19 April 2019. Please provide in the e-mail the IKI project number, themes/activities, project duration and proposed financial needs. The informal submitted proposals will be considered by the BMU.

A feedback on the decision will be shared by 31 July 2019. In case of a positive decision, you will be requested to submit an official amendment request. The final decision regarding additional project grant by BMU can only be met following the examination of a submitted official amendment. 

Further amendment requests of the ongoing IKI-projects (for instance extension of project duration without further funding requests) are not covered by the above mentioned process. These kind of amendment requests can be submitted to the IKI Secretariat according to general procedures of the IKI, independent of all deadlines.