Project implementation phase


The project implementation phase is set according to the duration of the project concerned (24 to 36 months). During this phase, the implementing organisations are required to regularly report on the progress of their projects. Progress reports consist of two parts (see template – in preparation) submitted to the IKI Secretariat at ZUG annually by 30 April, for the period of the preceding calendar year. The IKI Secretariat at ZUG reviews progress reports within approximately three months upon receipt and in the event that further information is required, they contact the implementing organisation.

For knowledge management purposes of IKI in general, implementing organisations are also encouraged to submit interim project updates (see template – in preparation) by 30 September to the IKI Secretariat at ZUG.

Amendments during project implementation

During the project implementation phase, all substantive changes to the project require an amendment of the grant decision document (and an amendment of the sub-grant agreement). Such amendment of the grant decision document should be requested by the implementing organisation (see template – in preparation). The processing of an amendment request takes approximately six weeks. Non-substantive changes do not require an amendment considering the minor consequences for the project; however, they need to be detailed in the subsequent progress report(s).

Further information about the project implementation phase, the amendment procedure and public relations are contained in the guidelines and templates in this section of the website.


Project implementation phase IKI Medium Grants. Please click to enlarge.


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