Project proposal phase

Submission of the project proposal

Only organisations whose project outlines are shortlisted by BMU in the first stage of the selection procedure, will be notified by the IKI Secretariat at ZUG and requested to prepare a project proposal. The written notification will include the deadline for submission of project proposals (approximately eight weeks after notification) and provide further guidance related to forms, templates, content and means for submission. Kindly note that several guidelines necessary for the preparation of project proposals entailing project standards, design and budgets are also available in this section of the website.

Evaluation of the project proposal

The second stage of the selection procedure will commence upon receipt of the project proposals and all required annexes by the IKI Secretariat at ZUG. This procedure takes approximately six months. During this stage, the IKI Secretariat at ZUG will evaluate all project proposals. At the same time, the BMU will officially inform governments of respective partner countries (through their designated UNFCCC or CBD focal points) about the given project concepts and the ongoing appraisal. A project proposal becomes eligible for IKI funding, only in the absence of an objection by the respective government.

Awarding of grants for projects

Organisations will be notified in writing about the results of the second stage. A grant decision document for each project selected for funding will be issued. Upon receipt of the grant decision document, organisations are required to sign with their partner organisation(s) a sub-grant agreement (see template -- in preparation). The grant decision document marks the start of the project implementation phase, as detailed in the next section of the website.


Project proposal phase IKI Medium Grants. Please click to enlarge.


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