ARCH - Action for Regional Climate Help: Bottom-Up Youth Climate Governance in East Africa

Egypt and Sudan face notable challenges in adequately addressing climate change through progressive climate adaptation and mitigation policies. This is partly because the civil society, especially youth, is hardly involved into the discourse. The ARCH project seeks to enhance the capacities, network and voice of Sudanese and Egyptian youth-led organizations (YLO). The problems lie in a fragmentation of the youth movement, a lack of technical skills, and contacts with both the authorities and partners and donors. YLO should be able to engage more effectively in the fight for climate protection and project work. For this purpose, the project utilizes experience-based learning, simulation gaming and futurology methods. Amongst others, YLO will use the learned skills to write high-quality policy proposals, to pilot climate initiatives, and to enter into a dialogue with national policy-makers to discuss their work and recommendations.

Project data

Egypt, Sudan
IKI funding
629,682.18 €
07/2022 till 06/2025
Implementing organisation
Implementing Partner
  • Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA)


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