Cooperation from PPPs against deforestation in Vietnam

Although the Central Highlands of Viet Nam are characterised by extensive forested areas, their acreage has declined significantly over the last few decades. This project is helping to reduce deforestation and forest degradation in a high-priority protected area in the Central Highlands. The project is also supporting sustainable landscape planning and effective cooperation between the public and private sector. Project aims include improving agricultural production as well as providing support to communities for both agriculture and forestry. Training courses targeting improved agricultural methods as well as capital investment in modernising agricultural businesses are intended to improve both harvests and earnings in buffer zones. To prevent deforestation, the private sector is also being encouraged to invest in systems that enable monitoring and tracking within supply chains.

Project data

Viet Nam
IKI funding
2,819,545.00 €
11/2018 till 10/2024
Implementing organisation
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation - Viet Nam
Political Partner
  • Lam Dong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) - Viet Nam
  • Vietnam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST)

State of implementation/results

  • In March 2023, the project received an official Certificate of Merit from the District Peoples‘ Committee (DPC) of Lac Duong for efforts to reduce deforestation and promote sustainable landscapes.
  • Landscape Governance
    • Public-private commitment to a deforestation-free jurisdiction (district) signed by local government, key private sector actors and development partners signed in December 2018.
    • Public-private partnership for deforestation-free landscape established by MoU between local government, 14 companies and development actors in August 2019 with Steering Committee established.
    • Supported developing Lam Dong Climate Change Action Plan, approved in November 2020.
    • Achieved integrated Climate Smart Landscape Plan for Lac Duong District in July 2021 in collaboration with DONRE Lam Dong and Lac Duong DPC.
    • Signed twelve MoUs on deforestation-free landscapes and cross-sectoral public-private partnerships.
    • Completed participatory farm mapping and signed 16 village land use plans (11,876 ha) and community conservation with K’ho ethnic communities via FPIC.
    • Provided and trained Lam Dong DARD with Terra-I near real-time satellite-based forest monitoring system in Lac Duong in 2020.
    • Conducted training sessions to enhance the capacity of extension workers and disseminated regulations on deforestation-free coffee products and Occupational safety and hygiene in coffee cultivation, production, and processing.
  • Monitoring and Traceability Systems
    • 15 coffee and OCOP companies in Lac Duong implemented a traceability system linked with Terra-I forest monitoring, distributing 250,000 traceability stamps.
    • Trained 13 businesses in business development and marketing to promote sustainable business models and market connections.
  • Support to Smallholder Farmers
    • Trained over 3,355 farmers in sustainabe coffee production and conservation, resulting in 2,853 ha under sustainable upland agroforestry systems and 30 farmer groups established.
    • Delivered seedlings for intercropping (498,005 coffee, 71,059 persimmon, 111,574 macadamia).
    • Implemented 10 off-forest community models that support 197 farmers (141 females).
    • Coordinated with Him Lam macadamia company and Lado Nut company to establish five macadamia production cooperatives aimed at forming linkages. Surveyed and trained potential groups to establish two cooperatives led by women in Lac Duong district.
    • Implemented 105 ha forest enrichment model in Bidoup Nui Ba Nnational Ppark and identified 2,752 ha for replication.
  • Mobilisation of Finance
    • Mobilised 3.25 million EUR public and private finance to date for climate landscape restoration.
    • Established Lac Duong District Forest Conservation Fund.
    • Launched and implement the 80,000 EUR Accelerator Fund to support five small agricultural businesses in Lac Duong.
    • Completed credit scoring for 375 farm households to improve financial accessibility for farmers.
    • Collaboration with the 1000 landscapes (

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