Ecosystem-based adaptation on the northern central coast of Vietnam: restoration and co-management of degraded dunes and mangroves

The northern central coastal region of Vietnam is strongly affected by the impacts of climate change. Dense dune forests and mangroves used to protect the population on the coast from extreme weather events such as typhoons, which are becoming increasingly frequent. However, excessive deforestation has destroyed the ecosystems to a great extent, with the result that they can no longer perform this function. Together with selected local communities, the project is restoring the dune and mangrove forests on pilot sites. This demonstrates the feasibility of ecosystem-based adaptation measures (EbA), which not only protect the population but also bolster livelihoods through sustainable business models that use the restored mangroves. The insights and approaches gained through the project are intended to serve both as a reference and to support political and non-state stakeholders involved in the implementation and expansion of EbA measures.

Project data

Viet Nam
IKI funding
2,572,126.02 €
04/2018 till 10/2024
Implementing organisation
UNIQUE forestry and land use GmbH
Political Partner
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) - Viet Nam
  • Quang Tri Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) - Viet Nam
Implementing Partner
  • Institute of Resources and Environment of Huế University (IREN) - Viet Nam
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) - Viet Nam

State of implementation/results

  • In late 2021, the project was granted an extension until October 2024 as well as additional funding to recover the severe storm damages in the pilot sites resulting from the five typhoons in October 2020. Part of the extension is the establishment of a “best-practice nursery” for the supply of high-quality native tree species for coastal restoration, in line with the objectives of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.
  • During the 2021 Planting Season (09-12/2021) the project has successfully initiated its recovery efforts of the, during 2020 storm-induced, losses on some planting sites: In Hue province, 60 ha with 48.000 native seedlings and the help of 50 local community members were successfully planted.
  • In August 2022, Hue University awarded a Ph.D. to a student for completing his research on the dynamics of coastal sand dune forests in Quang Tri Province, North Central Vietnam. Unique's implementing partner IREN has actively supported the study with knowledge obtained and lessons learned from project implementation.
  • A scientific publication describing the project's restoration efforts in North Central Vietnam's coastal forests has been successfully submitted and approved for the peer-reviewed Springer handbook “Nature-Based Solutions to Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change."
  • Following the request of several Vietnamese coastal provinces (e.g., Quang Nam, Phu Yen, Binh Thuan) on piloting the project’s models for coastal sand dune forest restoration with native tree species, the project team plans to facilitate a national dissemination conference in April 2023 to promote the approach and assess upscaling options.

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