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As of: June 2016

Towards Climate-Friendly Transport Technologies and Measures (TRANSfer)

Objective and activities

The project's objective is to support developing countries to develop and implement climate change mitigation strategies in the transport sector as „Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions“ (NAMAs). The project follows a multi-level approach:

  • At country level, TRANSfer supports selected partner countries in developing and implementing NAMAs in the transport sector. The NAMAs supported by the project cover a broad variety of approaches in the partner countries Indonesia, South Africa, Peru, Colombia and the Philippines.
  • At international level and closely linked to the UNFCCC process, the project helps accelerate the learning process on transport NAMAs with a comprehensive set of measures: events, trainings, facilitation of expert groups, documents with guidance and lessons learned such as the transport NAMA handbook and a database which is an interactive wiki-based portal that provides access to transport NAMAs. The two expert groups consist of experts from different organisations and work on "Measurement, Reporting, Verification" and "Climate finance for sustainable transport".

State of implementation/results

  • In all partner countries mitigation measures in transport have been elaborated as NAMAs. The topics reach from sustainable urban transport, to the heavy duty vehicle fleet and mass rapid transit.
  • With support of the project, two NAMA Facility proposals have been prepared and selected for further support (Indonesia and Peru).
  • Two expert groups have been elaborated which work on MRV in transport and Climate Finance for Sustainable Transport.
  • The component "Support of the German Partnership for Sustainable Mobility" provides German Know-how for the elaboration and implementation of NAMAs.
  • The support of the Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transort (SLoCaT) strengthens transport in international fora.
  • Publication of Sustainable Travel Guide "Discover Berlin"

Project data

Global: Colombia, Indonesia, Peru, Philippines, South Africa

Partner institution:

National transport ministries, national environment ministries, local authorities

Implementing organisation:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

BMUB grant:
€ 7,625,000

10/2010 till 12/2016


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