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As of: January 2016

Mitigation Action Implementation Network (MAIN)

Objective and activities

The project stimulated ambitious NAMAs by identifying optimal procedures, effective funding mechanisms and MRV, and by initiating regional and global knowledge exchange on the development and implementation of NAMAs between developing countries in Latin America and Asia. The regional dialogues brought together government officials responsible for the implementation of mitigation strategies and international NGOs, funders, and experts. At these forums the participants developed and discussed optimal procedures for reducing emissions with their peers and the international experts. Significant attention was given to the question of how the private sector can be encouraged to participate in funding NAMAs. This project aimed to encourage donors to support the introduction of NAMAs. Other countries can now make use of the information base to make decisions about NAMA implementation. The project linked the implementation level of the development and implementation of NAMAs with the international climate policy process.


Follow-up projects:

Mitigation Action Implementation Network (MAIN) Phase II

MAIN Phase III: Fulfilling the Promise of NAMAs to Enhance International Climate Ambition



State of implementation/results

  • Project completed
  • Developed common understanding among the developed and developing countries in the MAIN network on how NAMAs can lead to transformational change by aligning mitigation with sustainable development goals, and combining policy reform with financial mechanisms to promote implementation of a pipeline of mitigation actions within a sector.
  • Identified over 50 NAMA concepts in various stages of development that will contribute to a pipeline of NAMAs seeking international support.
  • Convened 7 regional dialogues in Latin America/Caribbean and Asia that provided a forum for developing countries to develop their understanding of NAMAs, share best practices, and test out NAMA ideas with peer countries, contributing countries, and financial experts.  Published7 expert policy papers and case studies focusing on topics such as financing, NAMA selection criteria, MRV (monitoring, reporting and verification).
  • Developed a database of over 30 mitigation program success stories that could serve as models for NAMAs and published 10 of the success stories in the “Road to NAMAs: Global Stories of successful Climate Actions”.
  • Hosted 1 global NAMA financing summit to promote funding support and implementation of NAMAs.
  • Hosted 5 policy lunches on the sidelines of the climate negotiations to bring lessons learned from NAMA development in Latin America and Asia to the negotiations and help shape international climate policy.
  • Selected 5 transformational NAMA concepts as part of the expanded MAIN initiative to advance toward implementation through direct bilateral support and advice on policy design and appropriate financial mechanisms.

Project data

Global: Argentina, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Korea, Republic of (South Korea), Malaysia, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Uruguay, Vietnam

Partner institution:

Key climate policy institutions responsible for the implementation of mitigation actions (environment and energy ministries, climate policy institutions in each country and in some cases foreign ministries)

Implementing organisation:

Center for Clean Air Policy

BMUB grant:
€ 1,900,000

01/2011 till 09/2013


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