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As of: October 2016

Caucasus Initiative: Reafforestation in the Southern Caucasus

Objective and activities

The project aimed to reafforest selected areas in the southern Caucasus, restore existing forest areas and promote their sustainable management. This work served to safeguard the forests’ function as carbon reservoirs over the long term. The project’s activities also conserved natural habitats and improved the capacity of ecosystems to adapt to climate change.

State of implementation/results

  • Project completed
  • Estimated greenhouse gas reduction attributable to the project: 41,369 tonnes of CO2 after 20 years for an area of 975 hectares
  • Working together with the local population in the partner countries, 1,430 hectares afforested or restored through natural succession processes
  • Forests classified for different afforestation and restoration activities
  • Forest workers trained 
  • Guideline on forest restoration produced
  • Climate adaptation strategy for the forests of the southern Caucasus elaborated
  • Manual developed that illustrates the climate relevance of different types of afforestation and restoration

Project data

Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia supraregional: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

Partner institution:

Armenia: Ministry of Environment and Agriculture (MoA); Ministry of Nature Protection (MoNP); Azerbaijan: Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MENR); Georgia: Ministry for Environmental Protection and Natural Resources (MEPNR), Agency for Protected Areas (APA)

Implementing organisation:

KfW development bank (with WWF)

BMUB grant:
€ 4,825,000

12/2008 till 03/2011


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