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As of: January 2017

Grenada - Pilot Programme for an Integrated Adaptation Strategy

Objective and activities

The project, Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies (ICCAS), supports the island state of Grenada in enhancing the resilience of parts of the population and ecosystems that are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. It achieves this by taking an integrative approach across different sectors and levels: at national level, the project strengthens the government's capacity to coordinate the various stakeholders involved in adaptation. At individual sector level, it supports Grenada in using its water resources efficiently and developing coastal zone management plans that take current and future climatic changes into account. At local level, the project partners support specific adaptation measures that increase the resilience of the poor population, while at the same time improving their living conditions. This comprehensive approach can serve as an example for other countries in the region and facilitate access to further resources for the adaptation to climate change.

The project is also conducted by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

State of implementation/results

  • The Environment Division initiated the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process and is currently revising its Climate Change Policy
  • Climate change adaptation is a pillar in Grenada's National Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (2014-2018) and in the National Agriculture Plan and will be an integral part of the new 15-year national sustainable development plan (2015-2030)
  • Setup and operation of the Community Climate Change Adaptation Fund (CCCAF)
  • All new projects under the Government’s Public Sector Investment Programme now have to conduct a CCORAL (Caribbean Climate Online Risk and Adaptation Tool) screening, which gives an indication whether the planned project is climate-influenced and a priority for a further climate assessment.
  • Establishment of the ICCAS Community Liaison Network (CLN)
  • An Integrated Coastal Zone Policy for the tri-island state has been developed in a highly participatory manner and was approved by Cabinet.  A multi-disciplinary coastal zone task force will spearhead the development of appropriate coastal zone legislation
  • The first community rain water harvesting system in Grenada is currently being constructed  in a community which recently wasn’t connected to the public water system
  • The development of Climate Smart Agriculture Learning Farm is being supported as a base for lifelong learning on sustainable agriculture. After the first training sessions in March 2015, 6 other farms started to integrate the new approach in their practices
  • 1900 red mangrove seedlings were transplanted to the project site
  • Approximately 1300 persons participated at the ICCAS Climate Change Walk 
  • Organization of a Climate Change Football Cup
  • A National Designated Authority (NDA) for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) has been established and relevant stakeholders have been trained in climate finance
  • Support is also being provided for a campaign to raise awareness on the consequences of climate change, including by producing a song called „Can’t do this alone“ that is being circulated as a music video.
  • Project is mentioned in the Budget Statement 2016 by the Prime Minister of Grenada, pp. 64ff (pdf, 10 MB).

Project data


Partner institution:

Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries & Environment; Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, Planning and Cooperatives; Ministry of Finance, Planning, Economic Development, Trade, Energy & Cooperatives; National Climate Change Committee (NCCC), Sustainable Development Council (SDC)

Implementing organisation:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

BMUB grant:
€ 4,206,000

11/2012 till 01/2019


Fact sheet:
Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies (ICCAS) Grenada

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