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As of: October 2016

Forest and landscape restoration in key countries

Objective and activities

This project is part of the Global Partnership on Forest and Landscape Restoration (GPFLR). To achieve their aims, the project partners have set up a Forest and Landscape Restoration Council. The project is also analysing options for restoring landscapes and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the target countries and developing appropriate instruments and methods to implement them. It includes identifying suitable areas for restoration measures and working with different interest groups to develop restoration strategies tailored to regional and local needs. The strategies will be tested in the two pilot countries - Brazil and Indonesia - and the findings made accessible to the target groups. In this way, the project is facilitating the acquisition of knowledge and competence in this field on a global scale. The second phase of the project aims to integrate three more countries. Overall, the project is contributing to the Bonn Challenge, under which participating countries set themselves the target of restoring 150 million hectares of forests and landscapes by 2020.

Project data

Global: Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, Rwanda

Partner institution:

Brazil: Ministry of the Environment (MMA), Secretariat of Environment of the State of Pará (SEMA); Indonesia: Ministry of Environment and Forestry (Kementarian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan); Rwanda: Ministry of Natural Resources (MINRENA); Peru: Ministry of the Environment (MINAM); Kenia: Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

Implementing organisation:

World Resources Institute (WRI) with International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

BMUB grant:
€ 2,998,593

01/2013 till 12/2016


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