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As of: November 2016

Integrated planning for implementing the CBD's Strategic Plan

Objective and activities

This project supports greater integration of climate change mitigation and biodiversity considerations into national land use planning. The project portfolio encompasses both the inclusion of local stakeholders in decision-making processes as well as the preparation of case studies in project areas in order to ensure international comparability. Communication should be improved and concrete technical and legal support should be provided at the decision-maker level.

In the 'Los Colorados' project area in Colombia as well as the Tanganyika region of Tanzania and Zambia, an ecosystem-based risk analysis will be conducted focussing on the expected impacts of climate change. This will serve to identify those who will potentially be impacted as well as possible land use disputes and conflicts of interest, all of which will be incorporated into a participatory process. Workshops, training activities and legal and technical support are all planned for this process.

In Viet Nam's upper Mekong Delta, a cost-benefit analysis will be conducted on the expected impacts of climate change on the third rice harvest that takes place each year. A shift to more extensive agriculture with just two harvests per year will be proposed and promoted in five pilot communities across this region. This will take place in combination with the introduction of a community-based ecosystem management plan that aims to promote the ecological restoration of the region.

State of implementation/results

  • Assessments of 16 countries’ spatial planning frameworks were completed. A global comparative study assessing best practices for integrating climate change and biodiversity into legal frameworks across the globe was finalized. 
  • A project meeting was organized in Vietnam in March 2016 to review implementation, plan future activities and streamline complementary activities with a new IKI project.
  • The project is organizing the CBD COP 13 side event “Legal solutions for integrating climate change and biodiversity across wider landscapes including protected Areas”.

Project data

Global: Colombia, Tanzania, Vietnam, Zambia

Partner institution:

Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
Colombian National Parks Unit
Viet Nam
South West Steering Committee (SWSC)
Lake Tanganyika Authority Secretariat

Department of Environment in Vice President's Office
Regional Administrative Secretaries of Kigoma, Katavi and Rukwa Regions
Ministry of Tourism Environment and Natural Resources; Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Secretariat; International Development Law Organization (IDLO)

Implementing organisation:

IUCN International Union for the Conservation of Nature

BMUB grant:
€ 3,094,111.95

01/2014 till 04/2018


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