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As of: November 2015

Water Infrastructure Solutions from Ecosystem Services to Underpin Climate Resilient Policies and Programmes ('WISE-UP to Climate')

Objective and activities

The project tests, develops and demonstrates approaches for the use of a mixed water infrastructure that combines natural river courses with artificial elements such as reservoirs. It thereby improves water supplies and increases resilience to climate change in the basins of the Tana (Kenya) and Volta (Ghana, Burkina Faso). Furthermore, it supports sustainable development in the areas of poverty reduction, conservation of biodiversity, food security and secure supplies of energy and water. To this end the project partners collate hydrological, environmental and economic data and analyse the political and institutional dynamics of the related decision-making processes. Based on this, tried-and-tested instruments and technologies are then adapted to users' needs with the aid of participatory learning methods. The project disseminates its results, experiences and recommendations by holding training events and maintaining a regional and global exchange of information.

State of implementation/results

  • Methodology for Action Learning developed to enable a user-focused adjustment of the models and instruments by researchers and other stakeholders
  • Action Learning workshops with key basin stakeholders performed to present systems modelling project results (Tana Basin) as well as project results from field research on ecosystem mapping (Volta Basin)
  • Hydrological modeling (SWAT) completed for the systems model
  • Comprehensive systems model built, incorporating results from SWAT, that includes inflows and storage, for example hydropower infrastructure (Tana Basin)
  • 24 climate change scenarios generated for systems model for each basin
  • Ecosystem services mapping completed at community level
  • Valuation framework tested through local level field research
  • Ongoing quantitative research through household surveys
  • In-depth political economy research carried out by local research partners focusing on decision-making processes pertaining to basin development
  • Capacity building strategy developed (Tana Basin)
  • Key meetings with stakeholders drafting the 40 year Development Plan for Ghana (Volta Basin)
  • First WISE-UP brochure (external link)
  • Video about the project (external link)

Project data

Sub-Saharan Africa supraregional: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya

Partner institution:

Tana-Athi Rivers Development Authority (TARDA), Volta Basin Authority (VBA)

Implementing organisation:

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

BMUB grant:
€ 5,312,063.94

08/2013 till 07/2017

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