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Workshop on solar energy in the Indian transport sector  
Date: 19-01-15
India is pursuing the ambitious goal of installing 100 GW of solar energy capacity by 2022. In order to achieve this goal, efforts are being made to promote the use of renewable energy in India's...  
BMUB supports first solar thermal power station in Latin America  
Date: 16-01-15
Germany is helping Chile to build the first solar thermal power station in Latin America. The agreement on a development loan of EUR 100 million was signed by KfW Development Bank, the Republic of...  
IKI implementing organisation receives Kenton Miller Award  
Date: 13-01-15
The Indonesian non-governmental organisation Burung Indonesia is the recipient of the 2014 Kenton Miller Award. The presentation of the renowned award took place at the end of the year in front of...  
'Keeping cool in India'  
Date: 09-01-15
It is summer in India and temperatures in Mumbai are getting up into the unbearable zone. It is particularly hot in the city, where there are scarcely any trees to provide shade, which in turn means...  
Climate-neutral energy supply for rural India  
Date: 23-12-14
2,000 families in India's Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh states now have access to a sustainable energy supply. The Climate-Neutral Energy Supply for Rural Areas project made this possible. With...  
Soaking up the sun on the Maldives  
Date: 22-12-14
Tourists aren't the only ones who appreciate the Maldivian sunshine: solar roofs installed on top of public buildings on the island of Ungoofaaru, which enjoyed a ceremonious inauguration last...  
Sustainable shrimp farming conserves mangroves  
Date: 16-12-14
Shrimp aquaculture is an important source of income for many people in Viet Nam, yet it often harms coastal ecosystems, especially endangered mangrove forests. They are frequently chopped down or...  
International climate finance well-invested  
Date: 16-12-14
Germany and the UK will support ambitious climate mitigation projects in Burkina Faso, Peru, Thailand and Tajikistan from 2015. State Secretary at the Federal Environment Ministry Jochen Flasbarth...  
A modern public transport system in Lviv  
Date: 11-12-14
On 27 November 2014, Lviv's mayor Andriy Sadovy and Sevki Acuner, Country Director for Ukraine with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), launched the information campaign for...  
Emissions Gap Report 2014  
Date: 10-12-14
In order to limit the global temperature rise to a maximum of two degrees Celsius and avoid the worst impacts of climate change, global carbon neutrality must be attained between 2055 and 2070. This...  
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