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The International Climate Initiative (IKI)  
Date: 05-04-19
IKI in a nutshell Video: The International Climate Initiative (IKI) in a nutshell Project portfolio How many projects does the IKI finance? How much funding is available, and how is it distributed…  
Improving nutrition outcomes in food systems and their benefits to climate action  
Date: 05-04-19
This publication explores the overlap between climate-smart food production and nutrition sensitive food consumption.  
ECAM Methodology  
Date: 05-04-19
This manual provides a detailed explanation on the theoretical background of the second version of the web-based “Energy performance and Carbon Emissions Assessment and Monitoring” (ECAMv2.2) tool.  
How integrated monitoring and evaluation systems can help countries address climate impacts  
Date: 05-04-19
This briefing shows how governments will need to think differently about how they monitor and evaluate their adaptation initiatives if they want to keep sustainable development on track.  
New learning pack “Urban Green Spaces” by Deutsche Welle available now  
Date: 02-04-19
Every second person in the world lives in an urban area and the United Nations predicts this figure will rise to almost two-thirds of the global population by 2050. At the same time, climate…  
First meeting of Indo-German Working Group on Biodiversity and visit of IKI wetlands management project  
Date: 29-03-19
The first meeting of the Indo-German Working Group on Biodiversity was held in New Delhi, India on 12 February 2019, at the margins of the Third Indo-German Environment Forum. The meeting was…  
Date: 27-03-19
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Request for Programme Outlines (RfP) for Argentina, Costa Rica and Ukraine Processes Question 1: What comprises the first and second stage of the IKI selection…  
Federal Environment Ministry launches call for programme ideas for global climate action and biodiversity conservation  
Date: 26-03-19
The Federal Environment Ministry has launched a new call for thematic oriented programme ideas on ambitious climate and biodiversity conservation in developing countries and emerging economies. The…  
Linking Water and Climate - Greenhouse Gas Reductions in the Water Sector  
Date: 26-03-19
This brochure presents the IKI project 'Water and Wastewater Companies for Climate Mitigation (WaCCliM)' and comprehensively explains its goals and activities.  
Ghana: Dying cocoa plantations  
Date: 25-03-19
Ghana: Dying cocoa plantations Cocoa farming is the first step in making the world's most popular sweet treat: chocolate. But in one top cocoa producing nation, yields have been plummeting for years.…