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Legacy of a unique evolutionary history – biological diversity of islands  
Date: 21-05-14
The theme of the 2014 International Day for Biological Diversity is "island biodiversity". This is a crucial issue, for islands are home to a multitude of endemic plant and animal species...  
2015 call for proposals announced  
Date: 14-05-14
On 25. April 2014, the German Federal Environment Ministry opened the International Climate Initiative's 2015 call for proposals. Since 2008, the Initiative has been supporting projects in...  
German Federal Environment Ministry promotes climate change mitigation and biodiversity in coastal areas  
Date: 29-04-14
The Philippines, Indonesia, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands and Palau are characterised by the valuable ecosystems in their coastal and marine areas. But many of these areas are...  
Energy system transformation is key to better climate action  
Date: 17-04-14
IPCC presents report on greenhouse gas mitigation The latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) makes it clear that the internationally agreed target of limiting...  
The bear takes an early morning walk  
Date: 16-04-14
An IKI project is supporting a more peaceful coexistence between humans and wildlife in the Manú Biosphere Reserve in Peru Hilario Ccapa Huillca has become a sought after expert on the conflict...  
Positive effects of REDD+ for people and the natural world  
Date: 16-04-14
Sustainable land use is an important issue, both globally and locally. This is because land and fertile soils are finite resources that are vitally important for people and the natural world. On 19...  
German Federal Environment Ministry continues climate partnership with China  
Date: 07-04-14
China has long been one of Germany's key partners for promoting climate change mitigation. Through the International Climate Initiative (IKI), the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature...  
Making climate finance transparent  
Date: 03-04-14
Series of events sheds light on approaches to fighting corruption in climate finance Climate change mitigation and adaptation to the impacts of climate change cost money. Many developing and emerging...  
Climate Change is a key challenge for society  
Date: 01-04-14
IPCC presents report on impacts of climate change The latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlights the far-reaching impacts of progressing climate change on...  
IKI continues its support for national climate change mitigation activities by partner countries  
Date: 27-03-14
EUR 2.5 million dedicated to climate change mitigation projects in seven countries across four continents until the end of 2015 The German Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB) is expanding its...  
Search results 1341 until 1350 of 1528