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Saola rediscovered  
Date: 27-02-14
First sighting in 14 years: WWF camera trap photographs rare forest mammal The saola is not extinct. As part of a project being carried out by the International Climate Initiative (IKI), a camera...  
Insurance solutions being used in the Caribbean  
Date: 26-02-14
In January 2014, a new insurance product that people can use to safeguard against the impacts of climate change came onto the market in Grenada: the Livelihood Protection Policy (LPP)....  
Assessment of ecosystem services in protected areas in Mexico  
Date: 13-02-14
Mexico has one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world, considering both the number of ecosystems as well as the diversity of its species. However, over the last few decades, processes...  
Environmental ministry funds forest conservation projects in Indonesia  
Date: 05-02-14
Around 10 per cent of the world's remaining tropical forests are found in Indonesia. At the same time, the country has one of the highest rates of deforestation. For this reason, the German Federal...  
German Federal Environment Ministry promotes forest protection and climate change mitigation in the Philippines  
Date: 29-01-14
The German Federal Environment Ministry is providing support of up to EUR 4 million for the protection of the last remaining tropical mountain rainforest on Panay Island in the Philippines. The...  
Federal Environment Ministry contributes to start-up finance for Green Climate Fund  
Date: 29-01-14
The Green Climate Fund, adopted during UN climate negotiations, will finance climate change mitigation projects in developing countries. The Federal Environment Ministry is making 30 million Euro...  
Making public investment climate-proof  
Date: 15-01-14
In Peru, an IKI project is supporting the government in the development of a climate change assessment for public investment projects. Located in the heart of the Andean highlands, the Cusco region...  
IKI talks to Rebeca Escobar Méndez  
Date: 07-01-14
Since 2011, the International Climate Initiative has been promoting tropical forest conservation and sustainable community development in the Sierra del Lacandón National Park in Guatemala. Rebeca...  
Renewable energy for all through renovated power grids  
Date: 23-12-13
Energy professionals can now acquire the crucial tools for grid integration of renewable energy electricity and obtain a novel certificate. With a continuously increasing share of renewable...  
Using natural intelligence as a resource to combat climate change - An exhibit in the national museum of Costa Rica  
Date: 23-12-13
It is the key to standing up to the impacts of climate change: our natural human intelligence! It is not about whether homo sapiens has it; the question is rather how and for what purpose a person...  
Search results 1151 until 1160 of 1331