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Global exchange of knowledge on greenhouse gas reduction  
Date: 25-11-14
The Low Emission Capacity Building Programme held its fourth annual meeting in October and focused on the Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of measures to reduce greenhouse gases. ...  
Interview with Dr Bert Kohlmann from EARTH University  
Date: 25-11-14
For over two years the International Climate Initiative (IKI) supported EARTH University in Costa Rica in providing training on the theory and practice of renewable energy applications. The project,...  
Use ecosystems, reduce risks  
Date: 24-11-14
The 12th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) closely examined the links between preserving biodiversity, climate change and disaster risk...  
Introducing new, open-source software for forest monitoring  
Date: 18-11-14
The Open Foris initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was presented for the first time on 10 October at the World Congress of the International Union of Forest Research...  
Art exhibition on climate change and sustainability  
Date: 17-11-14
With support from the BMUB, the exhibition 'Examples to follow! Expeditions in aesthetics and sustainability', has opened in Lima. Organised by the Stiftung der Kulturen zu Fragen der Zeit, the...  
Keeping track with REDDX  
Date: 11-11-14
Over 4 billion USD – that's how much money industrialised countries have pledged through 2018 to for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that are released into the atmosphere when forests are...  
Closing date for IKI photo competition extended!  
Date: 10-11-14
The IKI photo competition "effects" themed impact is getting extra time. The new closing date is the 15th of December. All IKI projects and their partners are eligible to participate. ...  
Partnership for climate insurance in Peru  
Date: 05-11-14
The livelihoods of farmers in Peru are increasingly threatened by severe yield fluctuations due to drought, flooding and frost that can lead to total crop failure. A new private-public partnership...  
A song against climate change  
Date: 30-10-14
'Climate change is rising and right now lives are demising' – is the first line of the powerful chorus of 'Can't do this alone'. The song is sung by Jevon 'Avonni' Langaigne, Elon 'Eclipse'...  
Learning from one another – across borders  
Date: 30-10-14
A project funded by BMUB shared its experience in implementing safeguards in REDD+ projects. Sharing expertise between projects plays an important role in advancing climate protection and...  
Search results 1151 until 1160 of 1387