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Legislation on feed-in tariff for solar electricity introduced in Brazil  
Date: 22-01-13
In 2001 Brazil suffered a grave electricity shortage. Until then the country had been mainly reliant on hydropower, but after several years of drought many reservoirs had dried up and the hydropower...  
Improving living conditions and water management in Central America  
Date: 18-01-13
In many regions of the world the consequences of climate change are no longer just future scenarios, but have now become an ever-present threat: for example in Central America, where floods and...  
Bikin Tiger Carbon Project receives JI and CCB certification  
Date: 16-01-13
The conservation and sustainable use of forests plays an important role for climate change mitigation as well as the safeguarding of biological diversity. One of the projects of the International...  
Enquiry about conflicts in the Harapan Rainforest  
Date: 07-01-13
On 5 December 2012 the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) received a request from REDD-Monitor for information about the land conflict in the Harapan Rainforest in Indonesia. The online...  
The European Commission and Germany donate €10 million to UNDP to help countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions  
Date: 20-12-12
Low Emission Capacity Building Programme supports efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 25 developing countries The European Commission and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment,...  
Global Forest Expert Panels present latest report  
Date: 19-12-12
This year's International Forest Day, an integral component of the annual UN Climate Change Conference since Bali in 2007, took place on 2 December in Doha, Qatar. The Global Forest Expert Panels...  
A climate adaptation plan for Santiago de Chile  
Date: 17-12-12
On 27 November 2012 scientists presented a comprehensive climate adaptation plan for the Santiago Metropolitan Region to the regional government in the Chilean capital. The plan is the outcome of a...  
Commitment to REDD+ Partnership reaffirmed  
Date: 12-12-12
During a breakfast meeting on the 5th of December, in Doha, Qatar, 27 Ministers and high-level representatives from the REDD+ Partnership countries and stakeholders reaffirmed their commitment to...  
Germany and the United Kingdom launch "NAMA Facility" in Doha  
Date: 07-12-12
Support for developing countries to implement national climate mitigation activities On 6 December, during the climate negotiations in Doha, Qatar, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment,...  
Germany and The Dominican Republic will implement the second phase of the Climate Compatible Development Plan (CCDP)  
Date: 05-12-12
On December 4, Parlimentary Secretary Katherina Reiche for the German Government and Secretary of State of the Dominican Republic, Omar Ramirez-Tejada, signed an agreement to cooperate on the...  
Search results 1161 until 1170 of 1260