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Global investment in renewables is up  
Date: 01-04-15
Total global investment in renewable energies and fuels - not counting large hydropower projects - rose by USD 38 billion to USD 270 billion in 2014. This is 17 per cent more than in the previous...  
The start of a free life  
Date: 26-03-15
At the yearly 'Turtle Festival' in India, young freshly hatched turtles make their way to the sea. The village of Velas in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra is a known nesting place of the...  
2016 call for proposals announced  
Date: 25-03-15
On March 25 2015, the German Federal Environment Ministry opened the International Climate Initiative's 2016 call for proposals. Since 2008, the Initiative has been supporting projects in developing...  
Bonn Challenge on Track to Meet Ambitious Restoration Goal by 2020  
Date: 23-03-15
Since 2011, countries participating in the Bonn Challenge have restored more than 60 million hectares of forests and landscapes and are on track to meet an ambitious global restoration goal of 150...  
Joining forces for marine conservation: Sustainable Oceans Lab founded  
Date: 19-03-15
The oceans form the largest habitats on our planet and cover 71 per cent of the earth's surface. However, they are increasingly endangered by pollution, overfishing, rising temperatures and...  
Saving electricity, boosting profits  
Date: 17-03-15
Salvador Morales is proud of his sugary cream cakes decorated with a red, light blue or green glaze and candied fruit. The owner of the small grocery store in the Mexican town of Toluca goes to the...  
Grenada: A small island state with big climate goals  
Date: 16-03-15
The island state of Grenada has an ambitious climate policy goal: generating 20% of its electricity using renewable energy by 2020. However, up to now this eastern Caribbean country has relied on...  
Registration start for the 2015 SEED Awards  
Date: 06-03-15
The international SEED Initiative has called on start-ups to enter their environmentally and socially sound business models for the 2015 SEED Award. The deadline for registration is the end of...  
Online training - developing national mitigation actions  
Date: 27-02-15
Many governments around the world are in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their countries and drive sustainable development processes. The NAMA E-learning course supports them for this...  
EbA workshop at IKI programme office  
Date: 19-02-15
Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) measures focus on the capacity of ecosystem services to protect people from the impacts of climate change. The EbA concept is a human-centred approach that involves...  
Search results 1161 until 1170 of 1424