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Conservation of wetlands in the Nile Basin  
Date: 24-08-15
The Nile and its tributaries comprise around a tenth of Africa's surface and form by far the most important freshwater reservoir in the region. Almost a quarter of the African population lives in...  
Transparency at global level  
Date: 18-08-15
Corruption risks and anti-corruption strategies topped the agenda of a workshop that took place from 25 to 27 May in Manila in the Philippines. It was organised by the Asian Development Bank and the...  
Comprehensive adaptation strategy for Mali  
Date: 13-08-15
On 21 July in Mali's capital city of Bamako, the Minister of Environment Mohamed Ag Erlaf opened the kick-off workshop for the pilot project on supporting the national strategy for adaptation to...  
Documentary film: What will happen if the Earth warms by 1.5 degrees?  
Date: 03-08-15
The aim of international climate change policy is to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius. But scientists believe that a temperature rise of just 1.5 degrees could lead to irreversible damage...  
International Biodiversity Day in India  
Date: 20-07-15
The Indian state of Maharashtra is rich in forest and coastal landscapes and biological diversity. However increasing urbanisation, unsustainable agriculture and poaching are increasingly...  
Energy efficiency in agriculture  
Date: 16-07-15
As part of the IKI project 'Smart Energy Concepts', a group of eight entrepreneurs from the Latin American agricultural and food sector visited Germany in June. The delegates from Chile, Argentina...  
Mountain ecosystems of Nepal in a changing climate  
Date: 14-07-15
Panchase, which literally translates as 'Five Seats', is home to five statuesque peaks in Nepal. The area represents an important mountain ecosystem, linking the lowlands with the Annapurna...  
Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Viet Nam  
Date: 23-06-15
According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Viet Nam is among the countries most threatened by the impacts of climate change. Every year there are increased environmental and...  
Solar energy powers cricket stadium  
Date: 15-06-15
Cricket is the national sport in India. Spectators' keen interest in this sport also provides an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about environmentally-friendly power generation. By...  
Date: 11-06-15
Committed to Biodiversity Germany’s International Cooperation in Support of the Convention on Biological Diversity for Sustainable Development In October 2010, governments agreed to the Strategic...  
Search results 1161 until 1170 of 1447