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Assessment of ecosystem services in protected areas in Mexico  
Date: 13-02-14
Mexico has one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world, considering both the number of ecosystems as well as the diversity of its species. However, over the last few decades, processes...  
Insurance solutions being used in the Caribbean  
Date: 26-02-14
In January 2014, a new insurance product that people can use to safeguard against the impacts of climate change came onto the market in Grenada: the Livelihood Protection Policy (LPP)....  
Saola rediscovered  
Date: 27-02-14
First sighting in 14 years: WWF camera trap photographs rare forest mammal The saola is not extinct. As part of a project being carried out by the International Climate Initiative (IKI), a camera...  
Internet platform for climate change adaptation in Mexico  
Date: 04-03-14
A new internet platform is providing information to policy-makers and the general public in Mexico about the local impacts of climate change as well as on ways to adapt to these changes. The...  
IKI talks with Michael Hoppe and Professor Jürgen Kropp  
Date: 11-03-14
The IKI project, Inventory of Methods for Climate Adaptation, which was carried out jointly by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Potsdam Institute for...  
Network for the implementation of NAMAs enters a second phase  
Date: 13-03-14
One of the most widely discussed issues within the context of international climate negotiations are NAMAs - nationally appropriate mitigation actions by developing and emerging economies. These are...  
Future of the Carbon Market Foundation - call for proposals  
Date: 17-03-14
Applicants have until 15 April 2014 to submit new proposals to the Future of the Carbon Market Foundation for programmes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries and emerging...  
Mitigation and measurement of greenhouse gas emissions in Viet Nam  
Date: 19-03-14
Viet Nam's economy is growing rapidly, which is also reflected in the country's increasing rate of greenhouse gas emissions. Compared with 2000, the Vietnamese government estimates that its...  
New climate and biodiversity conservation project in Ethiopia  
Date: 24-03-14
German Federal Environment Ministry supports efforts to conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services A new project is supporting efforts to conserve the last remaining wild coffee forests in...  
IKI continues its support for national climate change mitigation activities by partner countries  
Date: 27-03-14
EUR 2.5 million dedicated to climate change mitigation projects in seven countries across four continents until the end of 2015 The German Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB) is expanding its...  
Search results 171 until 180 of 1500