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Setting the ball rolling: global communication on biodiversity  
Date: 23-03-18
The Earth Hour event on 24 March 2018 will also mark the launch of the international communication initiative that forms part of the project entitled ‘Up-scaling biodiversity communication to...  
World Water Day 2018  
Date: 22-03-18
Half the world’s population – 3.6 billion people – live in regions that already face water shortages in at least one month a year, according to the United Nations World Water Development Report...  
Date: 21-03-18
International Climate Initiative Status Report Please delete the grey instructions after use. The Status Report should be no longer than 12 pages. A 'Short Report' (Report Sheet) should be...  
COP23: Putting people before palm oil in Guatemala  
Date: 21-03-18
COP23: Putting people before palm oil in Guatemala The word Guatemala means "place of many trees" in Mayan. But oil palms and cornfields now blanket the land once covered in forest. Some...  
Interview: Mainstreaming climate change in the Philippines  
Date: 20-03-18
Björn Surborg from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is responsible for the project “Support to the Philippines in shaping and implementing the international climate...  
Conference CBD  
Date: 19-03-18
Further information Website of the CBD (external) Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Every two years, the signatories to the Convention on Biological Diversity...  
World Climate Conference  
Date: 19-03-18
The World Climate Conference is the annual Conference of the Parties (COP) and the highest body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). All Parties to the...  
Forestry project wins MIT Climate CoLab public vote  
Date: 19-03-18
The ‘Development and management of NAMAs in India’ project has won the Popular Choice Award in an international competition run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT regularly...  
Bringing gender equality into focus  
Date: 08-03-18
The United Nations theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Time is Now: Rural and Urban Activists Transforming Women’s Lives’. To mark International Women’s Day and reflect the chosen...  
Water and Wastewater Companies for Climate Mitigation (WaCCliM) in Mexico  
Date: 07-03-18
Water and Wastewater Companies for Climate Mitigation (WaCCliM) in Mexico In Mexico, water utilities have a difficult task meeting user’s demands because of low tariffs, high water consumption and a...  
Search results 661 until 670 of 1497