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Sharing knowledge with the rest of the world  
Date: 12-02-18
Transferring knowledge and establishing a global network of experts are at the heart of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s fellowship programme, which is supported by funds from the...  
Kenya's flower industry threatens country's fisheries  
Date: 08-02-18
Kenya's flower industry threatens country's fisheries The area around Kenya's Lake Naivasha is sometimes known as 'the flower bed of Africa.' But the industry — essential to the country's economy —...  
Interview: How to become a sustainable transport heaven  
Date: 08-02-18
Faela Sufa is Deputy Director of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) in Indonesia, a global non-profit organisation working across the world to promote sustainable modes...  
Life in the shadow of climate change  
Date: 31-01-18
Life in the shadow of climate change Climate change has hit Vietnam hard. The country is beset by storms, floods and droughts. Those living in villages are trying to adapt to the new reality of...  
Responding to climate change  
Date: 29-01-18
Responding to climate change The film depicts the planning process of innovative adaptation measures in a community. The example is the production of charcoal, composting and vegetable growing in...  
Climate financing takes shape in Dominican Republic  
Date: 29-01-18
There are good signs of early progress by the Government of the Dominican Republic in establishing finance mechanisms for its nationally determined contributions (NDCs). The process was given a...  
IKI at conferences  
Date: 26-01-18
IKI presents itself on events and conferences to introduce and discuss approaches for international climate protection, conservation of biological diversity and sustainable development. Find out...  
Philippines: Support of more than 110 Protected Areas  
Date: 25-01-18
The Protected Area Management Enhancement (PAME) Project in the Philippines ended successfully at the end of 2017. It supported the management of 110 protected areas in the country. Overall, the...  
From the cage into the wild  
Date: 23-01-18
From the cage into the wild Training schools for orangutans form part of a project by the Frankfurt Zoological Society on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Orangutans bred in captivity are prepared...  
Mongolia has started to implement its NDCs  
Date: 23-01-18
The Mongolian Government invited national and international decision-makers and climate experts to the National Determined Contribution (NDC) Partnership Forum in Ulaanbaatar. The aim was to jointly...  
Search results 691 until 700 of 1499