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Date: 20-07-17
As of July 2017 IKI cooperation countries, IKI priority countries – bold Ethiopia Argentina Brazil China COMIFAC (as region) Costa Rica India Indonesia Iran Jordan Kenya Colombia Morocco Mexico Mali...  
Date: 20-07-17
Fact Sheet for the members of a consortium and minimum requirements of the consortium agreement In a consortium at least two actors of international climate protection (e.g. multilateral...  
Date: 20-07-17
IKI Selection Procedure 2018 – Information on support under the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear...  
Knowledge exchange from island to island  
Date: 20-07-17
A delegation of Philippine government officials came to Germany in June 2017 to study the country’s transition towards a more climate friendly energy supply. Earlier this year the German Environment...  
Strategic cooling to cut global warming  
Date: 24-07-17
In July 2017, the 39th Meeting of the Open-ended Working Group (OEWG) of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol took place in Bangkok. In the run-up to and during the meeting, international...  
Rainwater harvesting for the dry season  
Date: 27-07-17
Rainwater harvesting for the dry season TV report from Grenada about the launch of a rainwater harvesting system for farmers.  
Interview: A platform to halt deforestation in Colombia  
Date: 27-07-17
A Dialogue and Information Platform has been set up in Colombia to support the implementation of Colombia's Low Deforestation Development Vision for the Amazon (Amazon Vision). Juan Pablo Castro,...  
Date: 31-07-17
Guidelines on results-based project planning and monitoring in the International Climate Initiative (IKI) Short title: Guidelines on project planning and monitoring As of December 2016 ...  
Climate-friendly coffee farming in Costa Rica  
Date: 04-08-17
Climate-friendly coffee farming in Costa Rica Coffee production contributes significantly to Costa Rica’s economy – but also to the country’s CO2 emissions. Small-scale farmers should now use...  
Interview: Moving climate action to a higher level  
Date: 04-08-17
At the sidelines of the Global NDC Conference in May 2017 in Berlin Johanna Arriagada Díaz and Alfonso Galarce from the Climate Change Division in the Ministry of the Environment in Chile talked...  
Search results 721 until 730 of 1424