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Working together for national adaptation in Benin and Senegal  
Date: 13-07-17
Benin and Senegal are pushing their National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes forward. A launch event in Benin in March followed by one in Senegal in April marked the official starting point for...  
Date: 20-07-17
As of July 2017 IKI cooperation countries, IKI priority countries – bold Ethiopia Argentina Brazil China COMIFAC (as region) Costa Rica India Indonesia Iran Jordan Kenya Colombia Morocco Mexico Mali...  
Date: 20-07-17
Fact Sheet for the members of a consortium and minimum requirements of the consortium agreement In a consortium at least two actors of international climate protection (e.g. multilateral...  
Date: 20-07-17
IKI Selection Procedure 2018 – Information on support under the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear...  
Knowledge exchange from island to island  
Date: 20-07-17
A delegation of Philippine government officials came to Germany in June 2017 to study the country’s transition towards a more climate friendly energy supply. Earlier this year the German Environment...  
Strategic cooling to cut global warming  
Date: 24-07-17
In July 2017, the 39th Meeting of the Open-ended Working Group (OEWG) of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol took place in Bangkok. In the run-up to and during the meeting, international...  
Rainwater harvesting for the dry season  
Date: 27-07-17
Rainwater harvesting for the dry season TV report from Grenada about the launch of a rainwater harvesting system for farmers.  
Interview: A platform to halt deforestation in Colombia  
Date: 27-07-17
A Dialogue and Information Platform has been set up in Colombia to support the implementation of Colombia's Low Deforestation Development Vision for the Amazon (Amazon Vision). Juan Pablo Castro,...  
Date: 31-07-17
Guidelines on results-based project planning and monitoring in the International Climate Initiative (IKI) Short title: Guidelines on project planning and monitoring As of December 2016 ...  
Climate-friendly coffee farming in Costa Rica  
Date: 04-08-17
Climate-friendly coffee farming in Costa Rica Coffee production contributes significantly to Costa Rica’s economy – but also to the country’s CO2 emissions. Small-scale farmers should now use...  
Search results 721 until 730 of 1374