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Kids save the mangroves in Panama  
Date: 22-05-17
Kids save the mangroves in Panama Panama has lost over half of its mangroves to development and the tanning industry. But now a group of school children have taken up the cause of defending these...  
Biodiversity and sustainable tourism  
Date: 22-05-17
The International Day for Biodiversity is being held this year on 22 May under the heading ‘Biodiversity and sustainable tourism’. With this event, the United Nations is shaping the agenda in the...  
Prescribed burning: fire in the Brazilian savannah  
Date: 19-05-17
Applying large-scale integrated fire management (IFM) can reduce the danger of intensive large fires in the Brazilian savannah (Cerrado). This has been demonstrated by the successful ongoing project...  
Date: 17-05-17
Text module for the International Climate Initiative / Textbaustein zur Internationalen Klimaschutzinitiative English Since 2008, the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the Federal Ministry...  
Chile: Improved system for feeding renewable energy into the electricity grid  
Date: 17-05-17
The newly established grid operator in Chile, Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional, will soon be using an efficient, centralised forecasting system. The aim of the system is to reduce uncertainties in the...  
Flood of prizes for IKI multimedia project  
Date: 15-05-17
The multimedia report ‘Saigas in distress’ from Deutsche Welle’s Global Ideas television series has been awarded three prizes within two weeks. The documentary takes viewers on a research expedition...  
World’s forests cover 9% more space than previously assessed  
Date: 12-05-17
The current estimates of the size of the forest cover worldwide are to be increased by at least 9%, which may lead to new calculations of the global carbon budget. A study coordinated by the Food...  
Water sector in Peru reduces Carbon Footprint  
Date: 11-05-17
Water and wastewater utilities are highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. At the same time, utilities in emerging countries are among the major energy consumers, while emitting...  
NDC Toolbox Navigator  
Date: 10-05-17
Today, the NDC Partnership released a beta version of the NDC Toolbox Navigator. This online resource provides a comprehensive toolbox for the different stages of NDC implementation, and will also...  
100% renewable – Dunhuang shows how it’s done!  
Date: 05-05-17
In 2015, energy for the heat and transport sectors in the Chinese city of Dunhuang still originated almost entirely from fossil energy sources. In mid-2016, the city decided to meet 100% of its...  
Search results 731 until 740 of 1423