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IKI funds the two 2016 SEED Awards in India  
Date: 01-09-16
The international SEED Initiative has now opened the Call for Applications for the 2016 SEED Awards in India. SEED is looking for enterprises in India that are active in the following two sectors:...  
Cuba seeks to expand role of renewable energy  
Date: 29-08-16
The Cuban Government and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) were holding a workshop on expanding the role of renewable energy in the island’s future electricity supplies. Taking place...  
Bonn Challenge in Latin America  
Date: 25-08-16
On August 26th, Ministers and Vice ministers of the Central American Region and the Dominican Republic, as well as representatives of Africa and Asia, gathered in the City of Panama for the Second...  
Learning for a clean future  
Date: 19-08-16
Learning for a clean future Costa Rica still bears the scars of environmental damage in the form of the rainforest clearances that spilled over into the 1980s. Trees were felled en-mass in order to...  
Colombia's green transport strategy  
Date: 19-08-16
Colombia's green transport strategy In the Colombian capital Bogotá, a bus rapid transit system called "TransMilenio" has become a model form of transportation for developing cities around...  
Dominican Republic: A country takes aim at climate change  
Date: 19-08-16
Dominican Republic: A country takes aim at climate change The Dominican Republic aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent by 2030 - an ambitious goal that has made the country one of the...  
Protecting forests with fruit trees  
Date: 19-08-16
Protecting forests with fruit trees Some 60 percent of the Philippines were once covered by rain forest. Today, that figure has dwindled to just 18 percent. The main reason is the huge demand for...  
Facing floods with insurance  
Date: 19-08-16
Facing floods with insurance Climate change has increased the intensity and regularity of extreme weather on Peru’s northern coast. Meteorologists are even talking about the possibility of an El...  
The last wild coffee forests  
Date: 19-08-16
The last wild coffee forests In 2010, after a long battle, the wild coffee forests of Ethiopia were put under a conservation order. Home to 5,000 different kinds of coffee plant, the UNESCO biosphere...  
Trees against climate change  
Date: 19-08-16
Trees against climate change According to the WWF, somewhere in the world, an area the size of 35 football fields is cleared of trees every minute. But in Mexico a counter trend is in the making....  
Search results 851 until 860 of 1424