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Launching of Indonesia Low Emissions Network "JIRE"  
Date: 27-02-19
In February 2019, the network for sustainable low carbon Indonesia, called Jejaring Indonesia Rendah Emisi (JIRE) was launched in Jakarta. JIRE works under coordination of the local civil society…  
Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions  
Date: 26-02-19
Further Information Building Capacity Transparency and MRV Download PDF (222 KB) Building Capacity for NAMAs Download PDF (208 KB) Homepage of the NAMA Facility Opportunities of…  
C40's Climate Action Planning Africa Programme  
Date: 25-02-19
C40's Climate Action Planning Africa Programme Eleven C40 member cities in Africa have pledged to deliver their contribution to the Paris Agreement on climate change by developing robust,…  
Understanding and Increasing Finance for Climate Adaptation in Developing Countries  
Date: 25-02-19
This report explores the current state of finance for climate adaptation and proposes practical, near term solutions to both fill in knowledge gaps and to increase investment.  
Date: 13-02-19
Storytelling/Using the IKI Website to Showcase Projects On our website we employ a range of different formats when reporting about your IKI projects. In…  
Date: 08-02-19
IKI news stories on website For the articles on our website, we first need a catchy hook, meaning a special occasion or milestone that also other implementing organisations and our readers will find…  
Biodiversity-friendly production and commercialisation  
Date: 08-02-19
This paper informs about the key results of the scoping phase of the "Private Business Action For Biodiversity" project (September 2016 - February 2018).  
International Dialogue Forum: Integrated urban development for climate-proof cities (Chennai, India)  
Date: 08-02-19
This report provides a summary of the 3rd International Dialogue Forum on Climate-Proof Urban Development that took place on 27 – 30 August 2018 in Chennai, India.  
Electric mobility on the rise in Costa Rica  
Date: 07-02-19
Costa Rica launched an environmental initiative in early June 2018 that aims to electrify its public transport system in a step-by-step process that will see progressively fewer traditional diesel…  
Colombia - the wetlands of Rio Magdalena under threat  
Date: 05-02-19
Colombia - the wetlands of Rio Magdalena under threat Millions of people living along the Rio Magdalena are feeling the sting of climate change, as fish stocks - and the river itself - dries up. But…