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HoMethan green story: Sandy's farm in Grenada  
Date: 27-09-19
HoMethan green story: Sandy's farm in Grenada In Grenada, the HoMethan biogas plant is up and running since April 2017 and helps local Sherwin Sandy to meet his electricity needs without having to…  
IKI to support Sustainable Development Goals initiative with EUR 7.5 million  
Date: 24-09-19
The global efforts for sustainable development must be increased. Despite the progress that has already been made, current estimates indicate that not all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals…  
IKI co-finances new City Climate Finance Gap Fund  
Date: 23-09-19
Cities are responsible for about three-quarter of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and thus play an essential role for successful Climate Action. Therefore, the Paris Agreement explicitly…  
Mexico’s sun helps with cheese production  
Date: 19-09-19
Heat is needed for many industrial processes – and this of course requires large amounts of energy. It seems logical to use solar energy for this purpose, especially in countries like Mexico, where…  
A Sourcebook for Climate-Proof Urban Development  
Date: 19-09-19
This sourcebook comes in an interactive, digital design and provides a comprehensive list of case studies on climate-proof urban development.  
Mexico: promoting solar thermal energy  
Date: 18-09-19
Mexico: promoting solar thermal energy A Mexican cheese factory is just one company turning to the sun's heat to cut down on emissions. It's part of a project encouraging energy-hungry industrial…  
Anchoring Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Networks, Policies and Sectors  
Date: 18-09-19
This new learning brief gives insights from the 4th EbA Community of Practice Workshop (11-14 June 2019) and provides key messages for better anchoring Ecosystem-based Adaptation in networks,…  
When food becomes trash - new learning pack by Deutsche Welle published  
Date: 17-09-19
There is enough food in the world to feed everyone; enough to ensure that nobody need go hungry. But a third of all the food produced worldwide never actually gets eaten. This learning pack…  
Governance for Ecosystem-based Adaptation: Understanding the diversity of actors & quality of arrangements  
Date: 16-09-19
This new study provides decision makers and practitioners with key background information on concepts and quality aspects of governance for ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA). 18 practical examples…