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A recipe for Indian home cooking to help mitigate climate change  
Date: 28-06-19
Extraction of fuelwood is a foremost driver of forest degradation in India. An IKI project specifically designed for the forestry sector is addressing India's ecosystem and biodiversity conservation…  
Co-Benefits of Climate Action  
Date: 27-06-19
Co-Benefits of Climate Action The global transition to renewable sources of energy is in full swing. That's good news for the climate! But renewables have many other positive effects – or…  
Operationalizing the share of proceeds for Article 6  
Date: 26-06-19
This short policy-oriented study seeks to contribute to the elaboration of the rulebook for carbon market instruments under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. The tax on market mechanism activities…  
Species protection - Three Kenyan success stories  
Date: 25-06-19
Story 1: Reaping the fruits of forest conservation by Samuel Benzi Karisa Conservation pays. But it takes patience hard work and commitment. I am a member of Gogoni Forest Group; we started off…  
IKI webinars country specific selection procedure  
Date: 24-06-19
IKI webinars for country specific selection procedure  
IKI webinars thematic oriented selection procedure  
Date: 24-06-19
IKI webinars for thematic oriented selection procedure  
IKI webinars  
Date: 24-06-19
IKI Webinars  
Mexico: Coastal protection, Aztec-style  
Date: 19-06-19
Mexico: Coastal protection, Aztec-style In Mexico City, old Aztec floating gardens are still used to grow food. Now, environmentalists think this ancient technology could help restore a coastal…  
Ukraine: More know-how about energy efficiency and suitable funding  
Date: 18-06-19
In April 2019, 34 universities from all over Ukraine started a cooperation with the Ukrainian EEF and the Ukrainian Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Municipal Economy…  
How we benefit from renewable energy: Energy security and health  
Date: 17-06-19
How we benefit from renewable energy: Energy security and health In this short video, Chandrapal Yadav (41), who is living in a village in the area of Kanpur, India, explains how his community…