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IKI and the protection of the ocean  
Date: 07-06-19
Oceans – the origin of all life. Most of the oxygen we breathe is produced in the sea, 75 percent of all humans live near the coast, and around 70 percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water.…  
China and Germany climate collaboration and scaling up potential IKI projects  
Date: 07-06-19
On the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Sino-German Climate Partnership, experts from Chinese and German government ministries, institutions, and organizations met in Beijing, China to…  
Iran: ODS and HFC Bank Inventory  
Date: 06-06-19
The reported results are important to determine priority areas for ODS bank management and to set up appropriate policy measures.  
Tafo Mihaavo, re-emergence of a national social movement in support of the customary governance of natural resources in Madagascar  
Date: 05-06-19
Up until the advent of the colonial era, the traditional social structure in Malagasy society that bound diverse communities together for generations had been known as the Fokonolona. Deriving from…  
Greenhouse Gas Inventory of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sector in Iran  
Date: 04-06-19
The greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory provides a detailed profile of GHG emissions resulting from refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) in Iran and may serve as a basis for the further development…  
IKI at conferences  
Date: 03-06-19
IKI presents itself on events and conferences to introduce and discuss approaches for international climate protection, conservation of biological diversity and sustainable development. Find out…  
Moving towards next generation carbon markets - observations from Article 6 pilots  
Date: 03-06-19
This study provides the first comprehensive overview of about a dozen ongoing Article 6 pilots supported through bilateral channels, regional organisations and multilateral development banks. It…  
Data Drives Climate Change Policy in Vietnam and Kenya  
Date: 31-05-19
Facing a common threat: Soaring greenhouse gas emissions Vietnam and Kenya are miles apart, both literally and figuratively. Situated on different continents, the two countries are home to distinct…  
5 Tricks to Make Biodiversity Stick  
Date: 29-05-19
Biodiversity is a tricky beast to capture: It always seems either too small or too big to communicate. Too small, considering all the little parts that make up our environment-many of which are…  
ICCAS was for me - testimonial film  
Date: 27-05-19
ICCAS was for me - testimonial film After 6 years, German-Grenada flagship climate change adaptation programme comes to an end. This video was aired at the official closing ceremony of the…