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Mainstreaming Ecosystem-based Adaptation – Learning from examples  
Date: 19-01-18
Mainstreaming Ecosystem-based Adaptation – Learning from examples The video provides an introduction into the concept of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA), practical country examples and the role of...  
WaCCliM: Water and Wastewater Companies for Climate Mitigation in Jordan  
Date: 11-01-18
WaCCliM: Water and Wastewater Companies for Climate Mitigation in Jordan Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the water sector can make a significant contribution to Jordan's Nationally...  
Viet Nam – taking the lead in climate reporting  
Date: 11-01-18
The Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment presented its second Biennial Update Report (BUR) to the public at an official ceremony on 25 December 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City,...  
Date: 08-01-18
IKI Guidelines for international applicants - IKI Selection Procedure 2018 Version: 25 October, 2017 Effective until replaced Note: Modifications because of the new IKI Funding Information for the...  
Date: 04-01-18
International Climate Initiative (IKI) | If this newsletter does not display correctly, please click here. Website | Contact | Imprint IKI news – Climate and biodiversity financing in practice The...  
China launches the world’s largest emissions trading scheme  
Date: 04-01-18
On 19 December 2017, China officially launched its emissions trading system (ETS). While the Chinese ETS will initially cover only the electricity sector, it is already the world’s largest system of...  
Climate friendly sludge gas treatment plant opened in Brazil  
Date: 28-12-17
In December, the Brazilian municipality of Franca put into operation a new sludge gas treatment plant to process sludge gases produced at its sewage treatment plant. The gases treated by the...  
Assessing fish stocks in a data-poor environment  
Date: 27-12-17
A two-day training workshop in Kochi, India, on ‘Calculating maximum sustainable yield (CMSY)’ introduced fisheries scientists to a new method for assessing the status of a given fish stock. The...  
Global Landscapes Forum creates space for innovation  
Date: 22-12-17
The annual conference of the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) took place from 19 to 20 December at the Forum’s new location in Bonn, Germany, with some 1,000 participants from, politics, civil society,...  
International Climate Initiative media library  
Date: 21-12-17
Global Solutions now part of Global Ideas GLOBAL SOLUTIONS is a series of TV reports by Deutsche Welle (DW) covering exemplary projects and measures for conserving biological diversity in...  
Search results 701 until 710 of 1499