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Saving Rwanda's marsh lands  
Date: 07-10-16
Saving Rwanda's marsh lands Mosquitoes, crocodiles, stagnant water: Swamps don't sound like pleasant places. But they are important ecosystems that feed rivers and lakes, and are home to a host of...  
Peru: threatened delicacy from the Amazon  
Date: 07-10-16
Peru: threatened delicacy from the Amazon The paiche is the largest carnivorous freshwater fish in the amazon region. And a delicacy. That threatens its population, which affects indigenous fishermen...  
South-South cooperation for reforestation  
Date: 06-10-16
German Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks has met with her counterparts from Rwanda, Vincent Biruta, and El Salvador, Lina Pohl, in Kigali, Rwanda to set up the first specific...  
Launch of the NAP process in Mali  
Date: 04-10-16
The Malian Ministry of Environment held a kick-off event on 18 August 2016 to launch the national adaptation plan (NAP) process in Mali. Two projects being carried out under the International...  
Competence centre supported by IKI receives high praise  
Date: 30-09-16
At the start of the 71st UN General Assembly in New York, Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Salaheddine Mezouar, introduced the 4C Competence Centre Climate Change in Morocco....  
Saving the Maya rainforest  
Date: 30-09-16
Saving the Maya rainforest The Selva Maya is home to immense biodiversity - and the ancient Maya city of Tikal. Today, the forest is under threat but NGOs and locals are working together to save it,...  
President of Chile announces Chile's solar energy strategy  
Date: 28-09-16
On 12 September 2016 in Santiago de Chile, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet inaugurated the largest photovoltaic roof system plant in South America (8 MW at completion). During the ceremony, the...  
Mainstreaming adaptation in South American policies  
Date: 23-09-16
Members of various ministries from Peru, Colombia and Brazil came to Germany from 19 to 23 September to find out more about public investment and climate change. The meeting held in Berlin and...  
Fuel-efficient stoves in Burkina Faso  
Date: 21-09-16
Fuel-efficient stoves in Burkina Faso The Save for a Stove project is working to increase the penetration of three different types of fuel-efficient stoves to the low-income market in rural Burkina...  
The Value of Nature  
Date: 21-09-16
The Value of Nature The project Protected Area Management Enhancement in the Philippines (PAME) is supporting the Philippine Government in implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).  
Search results 911 until 920 of 1500