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IKI workshop on national climate contributions  
Date: 01-08-14
... key points of discussion: Download (PDF, 275 KB) The schedule for naming INDCs is ambitious. The BMUB is therefore providing around EUR 3.5 million within the context of the IKI to support many developing...  
IKI Talks with Dr. Nikolaus Supersberger  
Date: 15-08-14
... Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and by German Federal Ministry for Environment (BMUB). These projects, on which GIZ is currently working, are - among other issues - aimed towards the...  
Using resources efficiently and reducing greenhouse gas emissions  
Date: 18-08-14
... aluminium and phosphorus harms the environment and leads to the emission of greenhouse gases. BMUB has been cooperating closely with India for years on sustainable energy supply and climate change...  
Delhi inaugurates first rooftop solar power plant on Metro Station  
Date: 18-08-14
... Germany's Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB). The extensive project is fostering the development and demonstration of innovative business models...  
Federal Environment Ministry steps up cooperation with Pacific island countries on adaptation against the impacts of climate change  
Date: 04-09-14
... Via the International Climate Initiative (IKI), the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB) is supporting a number of cooperation projects with small island states in the fields of climate change...  
BMUB promotes initiative for protecting mangroves in the Pacific  
Date: 09-09-14
Five Pacific island countries have agreed on regional cooperation to protect mangroves. At a meeting in Apia (Samoa), the environment ministers of the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall  
A pioneer in forest protection  
Date: 10-09-14
... same number of carbon certificates so that they can no longer be traded on the carbon market. The BMUB has made available a total of EUR 9 million through the IKI for this progressive REDD+ financing...  
Fewer fires in the Cerrado – for climate protection and biological diversity  
Date: 12-09-14
... Integrated fire management strategy in Brazil As part of its strategic partnership with Brazil, BMUB is using International Climate Initiative (IKI) funding to support its Brazilian partners in their...  
Winners of the 2014 SEED Awards  
Date: 19-09-14
...The SEED Initiative, which is supported by the BMUB, promotes promising young entrepreneurs  
World’s first map of the distribution of global grassland ecosystems  
Date: 30-09-14
BMUB project takes an important step in the conservation of grassland ecosystems  
Search results 141 until 150 of 431