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Knowledge gained from five years of greenhouse gas inventories in the forestry and agricultural sector  
Date: 17-12-13
Percental score: 22
... Horst Freiberg, Head of Division for Forest Conservation and Sustainable Forest Management at BMU, opened the event in Warsaw in front of about 60 guests and praised the progress made in the project....  
Germany and Thailand are intensifying their cooperation  
Date: 01-10-13
Percental score: 22
... instruments of environmental policies. These focus areas also reflect the project portfolio of BMU's International Climate Initiative (IKI). Since 2008 IKI has supported the Thai climate change efforts...  
German-Thai strategic dialogue on energy policy  
Date: 21-01-11
Percental score: 22
... social development with environmental and climate necessities.  The strategic dialogue with BMU served to deepen the discussion of policy between the ministries. In this context, a meeting between...  
The ICI at the Climate Change Conference in Doha  
Date: 09-11-12
Percental score: 21
... about the ICI and the German fast start commitment were available at the German information booth. BMU once more took the opportunity to bring ICI projects together to share information, and to put the...  
German Environment Ministry provides support in establishing a network of marine protected areas in the Eastern Caribbean  
Date: 04-06-13
Percental score: 21
... Environment Ministry has pledged four million euros in funding for this cooperative project. The BMU project is closely aligned with the Caribbean Challenge Initiative (CCI). This initiative, which was...  
Four years on, wild coffee project in Ethiopia making headway  
Date: 27-11-13
Percental score: 21
... the event in Berlin, where Dr Elsa Nickel, responsible for the nature conservation section at BMU, explained: "The crux of this project was both to protect the biologically diverse mountain cloud...  
Retailers launch Climate Protection Initiative  
Date: 15-02-12
Percental score: 20
... German Environmental Ministry’s (BMU) programme "Climate Partnerships with Business". The BMU supports the programme as part of the International Climate Initiative (ICI).  Business consultancy...  
Federal Environment Ministry supports national park in Rwanda  
Date: 15-10-09
Percental score: 19
... rely on subsistence farming and use wood as their main energy source. The project supported by the BMU aims at protecting the forest by intensifying agricultural and forestry production on an area of about...  
German government supports world's largest solar power plant  
Date: 16-05-13
Percental score: 19
... plant will have a capacity of 160 Megawatts. Under the International Climate Initiative ICI), the BMU is providing a grant of 15 million euros to the equity capital share of the state-run "Moroccan...  
The European Commission and Germany donate €10 million to UNDP to help countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions  
Date: 20-12-12
Percental score: 19
... million - was launched in 11 countries in 2011 with contributions from the European Commission and BMU, and expanded to a further 14 countries in 2012 as a result of additional funding from the European...  
Search results 11 until 20 of 406