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Training guide: Gender in adaptation planning for the agriculture sectors  
Date: 09-12-19
… This training guide provides a complete set of materials to be used in training workshops on mainstreaming gender in adaptation planning in the agriculture sector, and is a valuable resource to turn gender goals into…  
Gender and waste nexus  
Date: 08-01-20
… This Gender and Waste Assessment underlines the positive role women can play in waste management, learning from the experiences of Mongolia, Nepal and Bhutan.  
Gender Into Urban Climate Change Initiative (GUCCI)  
Date: 06-06-18
… a short explanatory video to give an introduction to the linkages between climate change and gender in the specific context of urban areas.  
Pocket Guide to Gender Equality  
Date: 01-02-19
… This Pocket Guide shall provide COP negotiators with a brief history of the negotiations on the topic of gender equality, a ready reference to the key decisions that have already been adopted, and a brief analysis …  
Gender and Adaptation Planning in the Agricultural Sectors: The Case of Uganda  
Date: 15-02-18
… This case study chronicles Uganda’s experiences developing a gender?responsive National Adaptation Plan for the Agricultural Sector (NAP-Ag) and related capacity development for gender-responsive planning, budgeting…  
Gender Justice in the Climate Debate  
Date: 30-04-13
Gender Justice in the Climate Debate The aim of the project was to incorporate the women’s perspective in the climate debate. To this end, the project comprehensively planned and implemented a one-day international…  
Integration of gender aspects into climate change adaptation and low-carbon developmen  
Date: 30-04-13
…Integration of gender aspects into climate change adaptation and low-carbon developmen The project was working to mainstream the gender dimension in climate change adaptation and low-carbon development (LCD) measures in…  
Addressing Gender in Climate Change Policies for Agriculture  
Date: 23-08-18
…Addressing Gender in Climate Change Policies for Agriculture Men and women often have different roles and responsibilities in society and therefore experience climate change impacts in different ways. Men and women…  
Gender @ COP22  
Date: 14-11-16
… Today’s Gender Day at the Twenty-Second Conference of Parties in Marrakech (COP22) will highlight the significant progress made on gender issues within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change…  
Gender in the climate debate  
Date: 29-03-16
… of the North-South divide, it is also important to consider generational equity and, above all, gender equality. Although the links between gender and the environment have been on the international…