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Innovative development planning integrating adaptation to climate change in Mali  
Date: 30-04-13
Percental score: 10
… regional and local level have been developed Communities and counties where innovative and gender-sensitive methods and instruments for integrating of adaptation into ocal development planning will be…  
Science-based support for National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes in francophone Least Developed Countries (LDCs) of sub-Saharan Africa  
Date: 10-08-16
Percental score: 10
… Water Resource Management (PAGIRE 2018-2025), also using the Climate Proofing Tool In Senegal, gender focal points vom various sector ministries, 15 parliamentarians and high-level advisors from three…  
Mexican-German Climate Change Alliance (Phase II)  
Date: 01-03-17
Percental score: 9
… The guide is already in use in the State of Sonora. Mexico City was supported in integrating the gender perspective and developing a gender-responsive set of indicators into the climate protection program. …  
Winners of the 2014 SEED Awards  
Date: 19-09-14
Percental score: 9
… in addition to the BMUB: UNEP, the UN Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UNWomen), the United Nations Industrial Development…  
Date: 04-01-18
Percental score: 9
… of the topic. more IKI PROJECTS Interactive map THE INTERNATIONAL CLIMATE Interview: Adding a gender component to climate change policies Ndivile Mokoena, project coordinator for GenderCC in South…  
Comprehensive adaptation strategy for Mali  
Date: 13-08-15
Percental score: 9
… project focuses on areas that are particularly affected by climate change and on the integration of gender aspects into all measures to be implemented. The finance sector is also to be taken into account,…  
Grenada leading the way for Adaptation  
Date: 16-05-18
Percental score: 8
… itself, the NAP is a continuous, progressive and iterative process, which follows a country-driven, gender-sensitive, participatory and fully transparent approach to climate resilience. The Grenada NAP draws…  
World’s largest urban development conference focuses on sustainability  
Date: 15-02-18
Percental score: 8
… urban development. From an IKI perspective, key areas include integrated approaches to water supply, gender, air quality, waste and buildings. Participants also learnt about newly developed mitigation and…  
Date: 04-01-17
Percental score: 8
… introduced today at the twenty-second global climate change conference. more Information Gender @ COP22 Progress towards gender-responsive climate solutions in negotiations and on the ground. more…  
Mountain ecosystems of Nepal in a changing climate  
Date: 14-07-15
Percental score: 8
… marginalized populations. The disadvantages of general rural poverty are sometimes compounded by gender, ethnicity and geographic discrimination. Mountain communities also tend to face additional challenges…  
Search results 31 until 40 of 61