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Mexican-German Climate Change Alliance (Phase II)  
Date: 01-03-17
Percental score: 9
… The guide is already in use in the State of Sonora. Mexico City was supported in integrating the gender perspective and developing a gender-responsive set of indicators into the climate protection program. …  
Innovative development planning integrating adaptation to climate change in Mali  
Date: 30-04-13
Percental score: 9
… regional and local level have been developed Communities and counties where innovative and gender-sensitive methods and instruments for integrating of adaptation into ocal development planning will be…  
Adapting Agriculture in a Changing Climate  
Date: 17-11-16
Percental score: 9
… developing integrated roadmaps for NAPs, improving evidence-based results and mainstreaming gender in adaptation planning as well as advocating and sharing knowledge on climate change adaptation in the…  
Date: 09-05-18
Percental score: 10
… of Assam improves forestry management. CONSERVING BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY more to the film Bringing gender equality into focus GenderCC describes how gender equality is still not factored into climate change…  
Date: 13-06-16
Percental score: 10
… Ministry (BMUB) is pleased to have funded and commissioned its 500th project. more Information Gender in the climate debate An International Climate Initiative project is integrating gender research into…  
Adapting to Climate Change and Conserving Biological Diversity  
Date: 30-04-13
Percental score: 11
… (PSCCA) for 2010-2022, which included strategies for 11 sectors and also involved mainstreaming gender as a cross-cutting theme A total of 26 small-scale projects to ensure more effective protection of…  
Building the Resilience of Communities and their Ecosystems to the Impacts of Climate Change in Micronesia and Melanesia  
Date: 07-01-15
Percental score: 11
… strategies for four pilot communities conducted Regional workshop on climate change and gender organised 14_II_095_Pazifik_A_Enabling EbA  
Internet platform for climate change adaptation in Mexico  
Date: 04-03-14
Percental score: 11
… challenges, as well as associated cross-cutting and international issues such as climate change and gender equality. In addition to a digital library, the website also includes a learning community, model…  
Strong women, Strong coffee – 100% made by women  
Date: 19-06-18
Percental score: 13
… then moved to Rwanda where he remained committed to achieving a more sustainable world by promoting gender equality and the FairChain approach. Together with his former atmosfair colleague, Xaver Kitzinger,…  
Promoting Community Conservation Resilience  
Date: 04-05-15
Percental score: 14
… and local communities in policies to mitigate climate change. On 12 Jan 2019, a blog was launched: “Gender is not Plan B!” Advancing gender-responsive measures in the CBD’s Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework. …