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Date: 17-11-16
Percental score: 1
… and conservation closer together. During t ... more ? Tuesday 2016.12.06 @ 18:15 Mainstreaming gender and community conservation in the CBD (2191) Like Minded Mega Diverse Regional Group meeting room …  
Adapting Agriculture in a Changing Climate  
Date: 17-11-16
Percental score: 10
… developing integrated roadmaps for NAPs, improving evidence-based results and mainstreaming gender in adaptation planning as well as advocating and sharing knowledge on climate change adaptation in the…  
Gender @ COP22  
Date: 14-11-16
Percental score: 82
… Today’s Gender Day at the Twenty-Second Conference of Parties in Marrakech (COP22) will highlight the significant progress made on gender issues within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change…  
Science-based support for National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes in francophone Least Developed Countries (LDCs) of sub-Saharan Africa  
Date: 10-08-16
Percental score: 10
… Water Resource Management (PAGIRE 2018-2025), also using the Climate Proofing Tool In Senegal, gender focal points vom various sector ministries, 15 parliamentarians and high-level advisors from three…  
Date: 13-06-16
Percental score: 11
… Ministry (BMUB) is pleased to have funded and commissioned its 500th project. more Information Gender in the climate debate An International Climate Initiative project is integrating gender research into…  
Gender in the climate debate  
Date: 29-03-16
Percental score: 82
… of the North-South divide, it is also important to consider generational equity and, above all, gender equality. Although the links between gender and the environment have been on the international…  
Interview with Gotelind Alber, GenderCC: Climate policy must eliminate gender-specific disadvantages  
Date: 07-03-16
Percental score: 71
… Gotelind Alber is the cofounder of the non-governmental organisation GenderCC – Women for Climate Justice e.V., that fights for gender equality in climate policy. She has many years of experience as an independent…  
Gender into Urban Climate Change Initiative (GUCCI)  
Date: 06-11-15
Percental score: 77
Gender into Urban Climate Change Initiative (GUCCI) GenderCC works with a consortium of experienced organizations in India, Indonesia, South Africa and MExico to integrate social and gender issues into urban climate…  
Supporting developing countries to integrate the agricultural sectors into National Adaptation Plans (NAPs)  
Date: 23-09-15
Percental score: 16
… and Viet Nam and secured GCF NAP readiness funding for Kenya and Uruguay.; 4. Developed a series of gender mainstreaming activities, enhancing global and country team members’ capacity to address gender issues…  
Comprehensive adaptation strategy for Mali  
Date: 13-08-15
Percental score: 9
… project focuses on areas that are particularly affected by climate change and on the integration of gender aspects into all measures to be implemented. The finance sector is also to be taken into account,…  
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