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Status Quo Report – Johannesburg & Tshwane  
Date: 06-06-18
… in South Africa to ensure the successful preparation and implementation of the GAMMA-methodology (Gender Assessment & Monitoring of Mitigation and Adaptation), which examines local adaptation and…  
Date: 05-06-18
… other. ? Ensure that the concerns, voices and aspirations of women are also included and a proper gender analysis is carried out. The CCRI methodology has a specific Annex on Gender Mainstreaming. …  
Date: 01-06-18
R O A D M A P TO A S U S TA I N A B L E E N E R G Y S Y S T E M Harnessing the Dominican Republic’s Sustainable Energy Resources WORLDWATCH INSTITUTE Washington, D.C. July 2 015 Project Director:  
Date: 01-06-18
… 6.4.4 CO2 Emissions Savings 108 6.4.5 Job Creation 110 6.4.6 Impact on Economic Sectors 115 6.4.7 Gender Impacts 115 6.5 Conclusions 115 7. Sustainable Energy Finance in Jamaica: Barriers and Innovations…  
Date: 01-06-18
… has access to electricity, marking a key barrier to advances in human health, economic development, gender and social equality, and education. Electricity service is concentrated in and around the capital,…  
Date: 23-05-18
… including those related indicators of bioenergy also contains a section to health, education and gender equality (in listing examples of contextual information addition to energy access). about…  
Grenada leading the way for Adaptation  
Date: 16-05-18
… itself, the NAP is a continuous, progressive and iterative process, which follows a country-driven, gender-sensitive, participatory and fully transparent approach to climate resilience. The Grenada NAP draws…  
Date: 30-04-18
… Hour to spark global awareness and action for a healthy planet 07.03.2018 – WWF South Africa Integrating gender into climate change policies 08.03.2018 – bizcommunity USA RENAC’s Green Banking project: Winner of…  
Date: 11-04-18
… 34 Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung – unverzichtbar für Mensch, Klima und Biodiversität 39 Gender-Gerechtigkeit im Klimawandel Abkürzungsverzeichnis 42 45 4??Ziele gemeinsam umsetzen?? Die…  
Date: 11-04-18
… livelihoods 34 Sustainable urban development – crucial for people, the climate and biodiversity 39 Gender equity and climate change List of Abbreviations 42 45 3 4 Achieving aims together The…