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Short film on adaptation to climate change receives award  
Date: 07-06-12
Percental score: 10
… platforms such as the Climate Impacts: Global and Regional Adaptation Support Platform (ci:grasp), where they…  
Renewable Energies on Islands  
Date: 16-05-18
Percental score: 9
… and the rules and regulations were presented in a regional final workshop with representatives of…  
Sustainable Consumption and Production for Low Carbon Economy (SCP4LCE)  
Date: 16-05-18
Percental score: 8
… and their application. The project had a regional focus and promoted mutual exchange with partners…  
QBook – A “Cookbook” For The Pacific Spatial Planning Community  
Date: 03-03-17
Percental score: 8
… out to be an essential step in the process. The regional IKI project on “Marine and Coastal Biodiversity…  
Date: 05-12-18
Percental score: 8
… projects/programmes involving national or regional activities by a governmental partner institution…  
When 2+2 equals more than 4! Friends of EbA  
Date: 23-05-18
Percental score: 8
… – especially not square wheels. Is there any regional focus or do you notice that any parts of the world…  
Interview: Moving climate action to a higher level  
Date: 04-08-17
Percental score: 7
… In three of the country’s 15 regions we now have regional climate change committees in place. Have the…  
Social marketing techniques and more sustainable fishery management  
Date: 17-02-17
Percental score: 6
… scale it up. The provincial governments and the regional agencies in areas where we have been working are…  
Protection of carbon pools and sinks in wetlands and protected areas in Panama  
Date: 23-06-18
Percental score: 6
… with the participation of the MIAMBIENTE Regional Directors, the ARAP Regional Director, private…  
Search results 11 until 20 of 64