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Greenhouse Gas Inventory of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sector in Vietnam  
Date: 28-02-19
Percental score: 97
… provides a detailed profile of GHG emissions resulting from refrigeration and air conditioning in Vietnam and may serve as a basis for the further implementation of emission reduction measures in the sector…  
Site Assessment Guidelines for Mangrove Rehabilitation in Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam  
Date: 03-05-19
Percental score: 75
This manual is designed to give practical guidelines for site assessment before formulating a planting or restoration strategy for mangroves. The primary focus of the manual is on Bac Lieu Province  
Silvicultural Study for Coastal Restoration in Viet Nam  
Date: 27-05-19
Percental score: 25
… Technical manual to the IKI-supported Project"Ecosystem-based Adaptation in the North Central Coast of Vietnam:Restoration and Co-management of Degraded Dunes and Mangroves".  
Promotion of Bioenergy and Biogas  
Date: 07-09-17
Percental score: 23
… biogas projects in a number of countries, including Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Peru, India and Vietnam. The factsheet presents results from a Turkish-German biogas project. A publication as part of…