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  • Corona Response Package - rapid assistance for sustainable recovery  
    Date: 18-05-21
    Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the IKI Support for indigenous groups during the pandemic Partnering for a green economic recovery Philippines: Facing COVID and the climate crisis Intact…  
  • UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration  
    Date: 18-05-21
    IKI funding Informationen on the "Preserving and restoring natural carbon sinks" funding area. Outlook: IKI projects in the UN Decade 2021–2030 In the years to come, IKI will continue to…  
  • Using blockchain for climate action in agriculture  
    Date: 18-05-21
    Climate change is one of the greatest threats to food security, poverty reduction and sustainable development across the world. To cope with the consequences of climate change, innovative solutions…  
  • 20210517_IKI_Medium_Grants_2021_funding_information.pdf  
    Date: 18-05-21
    IKI Medium Grants 2021 Funding information for projects as part of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety’s (BMU) International Climate Initiative…  
  • Country specific selection procedure  
    Date: 17-05-21
    The following institutions are welcome to apply: Non-governmental organisations, commercial enterprises, universities and research institutions from Germany and abroad, implementing…  
  • Costa Rica’s long-term strategy to 2050  
    Date: 14-05-21
    Digitalised, decarbonised and decentralised: these three keywords are the guiding lights for the long-term economic development of Costa Rica as a country. In March, Costa Rica’s government unveiled…  
  • Creating Sustainable Cities Through Low-carbon Freight  
    Date: 13-05-21
    This new report features policy success stories of managing urban freight in cities from Bogota to Rosario and Kochi to the Metropolitan Region of the Aburrá Valley.  
  • When you think farmer – think female!  
    Date: 12-05-21
    In many parts of the world, women carry out a majority of the agricultural and household work. Yet, they do not have the same access to resources or power in decision-making as men. To bridge the…  
  • Sustainable banking assessment  
    Date: 11-05-21
    The world has changed. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on humanity, with tragic losses that cannot be overstated. As humanity continues to struggle with the pandemic and the…  
  • Cargo bikes for cleaner air in Bogota  
    Date: 11-05-21
    Cargo bikes for cleaner air in Bogota In Bogota, air pollution contributes to thousands of deaths each year. Ditching trucks for electric cargo bikes could radically cut fine particulate…