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  • Privacy Policy Statement  
    Date: 01-05-13
    … for a maximum of 24 hours: names of files accessed date and time of access volume of data transferred notice whether data was successfully accessed IP address of the user or provider Internet…  
  • COP 25  
    Date: 29-01-20
    …on “Partnership for Market Readiness” funding will be increased by EUR 10 million. The contribution is to be transferred to the new “Partnership for Market Implementation” (PMI) in 2020. The PMI follows on from the…  
  • Papua New Guinea - A habitat for the tree kangaroo  
    Date: 20-09-13
    … nature conservation and development with the active involvement of the local people, is to be transferred to other parts of the country. Timmy Sowang is happy about that, as are the many other committed…  
  • Globally committed against industrial laughing gas emissions  
    Date: 06-03-19
    … real greenhouse gas reductions, achieves the cross-border movement of international technology and transfers the long-term responsibility for climate protection to the partner countries.  
  • Sustainable production of palm oil for bioenergy  
    Date: 03-11-11
    … setting a milestone in sustainable palm oil production. The model that has been developed can be transferred to neighbouring countries.  
  • Federal Environment Ministry launches call for programme ideas for global climate action and biodiversity conservation  
    Date: 26-03-19
    … models. The solutions used must have an impact beyond the programmes themselves and must be transferable. Since 2008, the IKI has supported over 600 projects and programmes throughout the world, with…  
  • Sharing knowledge with the rest of the world  
    Date: 12-02-18
    Transferring knowledge and establishing a global network of experts are at the heart of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s fellowship programme, which is supported by funds from the International Climate…  
  • Social acceptance of major energy projects in Chile  
    Date: 19-02-18
    … with the implementation of major renewable energy projects in Chile, the evaluation index is transferable to other countries and is already attracting interest from Mexico, Peru and Bolivia.  The…  
  • Competence centre supported by IKI receives high praise  
    Date: 30-09-16
    … of the 22nd Climate Change Conference, highlighted the opportunities that the centre holds for transferring knowledge between the North and the South through South-South cooperation. Moroccan Environment…  
  • A model for planning forest conservation in Viet Nam  
    Date: 10-07-14
    … successful that it, at the request of the Vietnamese Government, is now being put to further use and transferred to other regions as part of the UN-REDD Programme funded by Norway. It is a good example for the…