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Global Landscapes Forum  
Date: 28-09-17
… in December 2018. It ensured that key lessons regarding forest and landscapes restoration could be transferred into the UNFCCC discussions. 17_III_099_Global_M_Global Landscapes Forum  
ICT-based adaptation to climate change in cities  
Date: 13-09-17
… with start-ups, universities and small and medium-sized enterprises. These solutions were transferred to other cities in 2019. In 2019, the digital solution in India ("Mu.CitySavior - I am City…  
Low-emission palm oil development in Berau Regency, East Kalimantan  
Date: 13-09-17
… a More Diverse Economy in Berau: Bringing Sustainable Finance to Oil Palm Smallholders; 2) Fiscal Transfers to Incentivize Sustainable Villages in Berau 15_III_041_IDN_A_Low Emission Palm Oil Development  
Contribution for accelerating the implementation of REDD+ in Africa  
Date: 09-10-20
… by deforestation. REDD+ is intended to create incentives for forest conservation through financial transfers from the global North to the South. The project is a trust fund for the acceleration of REDD+ in…  
Setting up the institutional capacities for the implementation of Tunisia's NDCs  
Date: 14-12-17
… reporting and verification (MRV) programme and the specially developed tools can be easily transferred to other regions (governorates) in Tunisia. Special features here also include a diverse,…  
Grenada - Pilot Programme for an Integrative Adaptation Strategy  
Date: 13-09-17
… been produced to teach primary schoolchildren about climate change. - ICCAS documents have been transferred into the Document library of Grenada’s new climate finance website: …  
Energy efficiency in public buildings in Turkey  
Date: 13-09-17
… - Turkey 03/2020: Several studies prepared on energy efficiency (RE) in Turkey, i.a. study on the transferability of elements from international definitions of Low Energy Buildings (nZEB) to Turkey and study…  
STRONG High Seas – Strengthening Regional Ocean Governance for the High Seas  
Date: 20-06-17
… develops options for regional governance under a future international instrument under UNCLOS and transfers lessons learned to the global level to support ocean governance at relevant scales. Comisión…  
Converting the Production of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment to Natural Refrigerants in Swaziland  
Date: 30-04-13
… have received training and are now competent in using the technology Experience has been transferred to other market participants, for example through a workshop involving refrigerator manufacturers…  
Solar Chill: Deploying Solar-Powered Environmentally Sound Freezers and Refrigerators in Off-Grid Areas  
Date: 30-04-13
… tested successfully by the Danish Technology Institute according to WHO criteria; technology to be transferred to commercial and household appliances Several workshops carried out in Swaziland and Germany…