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  • Safeguards for IKI projects  
    Date: 13-08-20
    … and avoiding risks To identify such risks at an early stage, the IKI applies a systematic safeguards approach to its projects. Safeguards are environmental and social standards that are intended to…  
  • Ghana: First Summary of Information on REDD+ Safeguards submitted to UNFCCC  
    Date: 22-08-19
    …’s first summary of information (SoI) on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) safeguards to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) provides a comprehensive…  
  • South-South Knowledge Exchange on REDD+ Safeguards  
    Date: 20-07-18
    … Participants from 12 African countries shared experiences on REDD+ safeguards and discussed shared challenges as well as potential solutions for meeting these standards at a regional learning event in Accra on 12 and…  
  • Learning from one another – across borders  
    Date: 30-10-14
    …A project funded by BMUB shared its experience in implementing safeguards in REDD+ projects.  
  • IKI_Safeguards_EN.pdf  
    Date: 12-05-20
    Safeguards - environmental and social standards for IKI projects International Climate Initiative (IKI) project implementing organisations are expected to apply the Performance Standards on Environmental and Social…  
  • Operationalising National Safeguard Requirements for Results-based Payments from REDD+  
    Date: 28-01-16
    … from REDD+ The REDD+ mechanism provides for the receipt of payments as well as the implementation of safeguards. They ensure that REDD+ measures have no negative impacts, neither on the environment nor the…  
  • IKI Medium Grants  
    Date: 06-03-20
    … projects with the extensive involvement of implementing partners in the target countries. IKI Safeguards The IKI Safeguards System is an important tool to prevent or mitigate damage that could affect…  
  • Regional Expert Workshop on REDD+ Co-Benefits  
    Date: 13-10-11
    … and forest degradation (REDD+) and how such activities enhance co-benefits and integrate safeguards.  'Co-benefits' are the positive ecological and socio-economic side effects of REDD+…  
  • National REDD+ system in the Philippines  
    Date: 29-08-13
    … was drafted and forwared to the President's office. Policy frameworks and guidelines to apply safeguards were developed and tested; a data base with information on REDD+ safeguards was completed. …  
  • Forest protection for environmental and social benefits  
    Date: 31-10-16
    … products that have been shared at various local, national and international events: the National Safeguards Roadmaps and Participatory Sub-national Planning that SNV has supported the governments and local…