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  • Community Rainwater Harvesting Project in Blaize, Grenada  
    Date: 01-02-17
    Community Rainwater Harvesting Project in Blaize, Grenada Innovative approach to improve water supply in communities lacking piped supply systems in Grenada. The Blaize Community Rainwater Harvesting…  
  • Building with Nature in Indonesia  
    Date: 03-02-17
    2 February is World Wetlands Day. This year’s theme “Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction” focussed on the role of healthy wetlands and how they help us cope with extreme weather events and…  
  • Climate Action Starts with Dialogue  
    Date: 06-02-17
    In December 2016 representatives of more than 190 countries came together in the Moroccan city Marrakech to discuss the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The big question was how the national…  
  • Germany and Brazil – No going back after Paris Agreement  
    Date: 13-02-17
    Germany and Brazil have committed to ambitious goals in implementing the Paris Climate Agreement and intend to work together closely to achieve them. This was agreed by German State Secretary for…  
  • Social marketing techniques and more sustainable fishery management  
    Date: 17-02-17
    The project “Scaling up innovative, community-based protection of coastal biodiversity in Indonesia, Philippines, and Pacific” is financed by the IKI of the German Environment Ministry. It combines…  
  • Shaping the Role of Climate Finance for Sustainable Transport  
    Date: 18-02-17
    How can climate finance leverage sustainable transport and exploit the potentials for emission reductions? This report – based on six case studies – gives recommendations.  
  • GIZ__Flyer_Biodiversidade__web.compressed.pdf  
    Date: 21-02-17
    © GIZ Implemented by: Contributions by the Brazilian-German Cooperation to the achievement of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets Brazilian-German Cooperation: contributions to the conservation and…  
  • New funding for renewable energy projects in Africa and Asia  
    Date: 23-02-17
    Global investment in renewables hit 285.9 billion US Dollar in 2015. Especially developing nations are investing more in renewable energy. But even though 2015 produced a series of encouraging…  
  • Global PPP Programme II  
    Date: 24-02-17
    Global PPP Programme II Private investment and climate-friendly technologies are crucial for building a climate-friendly economy in emerging and developing countries. Therefore, the Climate…  
  • Biogas Digesters in Grenada expect payback within 6 to 18 months  
    Date: 27-02-17
    In January 2017, the first two out of ten biogas digesters have been installed on the Carriacou Island in Grenada as part of the project “Market Creation for small-scale Biogas Systems in Grenada…